Importance of Responding Quickly to Customers

You may use a slew of marketing tactics to promote your business, but did you know that the length of time you take to respond to customers is one of the most important and most-overlooked business-growing tactics? Here’s what you need to know about the importance of a quick response to your quality of inbound customer service.

Why Should You Worry About It?

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The amount of time it takes your business to respond to customers can make all the difference to your bottom line and your reputation. In being able to respond efficiently and quickly to customers, offering an inbound customer support service can help callers to:

  • Feel that they’re valued by your company.
  • Be confident they’ll continue to receive quality products and services.
  • Remain loyal to your business and tell others.
  • Confirm that their request has not only been received but is being addressed.

When efficient response times are in place, your business is in a far better position to stand apart from its competitors. Instead of guessing about what customers want, a fast response allows you to be aware of issues and provides the opportunity to correct them quickly.

Ultimately, quick responses will help you run your business more smoothly as you gain momentum with a growing number of positive reviews from customers.

Understanding Your Response Time

There are a few easy ways to gauge how well your company responds to customer inquiries and feedback. Keep a log of customer calls to your business. When one of these calls comes in, record how long it took to return the call. Take the day’s calls and get an average response time.

Your company should have a policy in place detailing the process for responding to customers. As well, training should be provided to your employees about how to efficiently deal with customer responses.

It can help to have an automated system for customers to reach your employees or leave messages; however, be aware that these kinds of systems with their long queues can quickly frustrate customers. As well, they still will ultimately require a professional human response.

Improving Response Without Creating Customer Service Jobs

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Creating a role in your company to provide customer service can improve response times. However, this will require additional space and payment of salary and vacation and sick time. A far more cost-friendly way to achieve better response times without the high expense of hiring new employees is to outsource to professionals instead.

These trained live receptionists answer each customer call to your business in a friendly and professional manner. Because they’re employed by an answering service company, there’s no need to create a new role or hire employees.

AnswerMTI has been providing businesses like yours with top-quality inbound customer service representative services for over 30 years. Simply choose your desired service level and get ready to transform your customer response times and your business. Get started today by calling 1-844-798-1027.