How to Use a Virtual Receptionist Service

You may have heard about a virtual receptionist service, but may not know much about how to use it or how it can benefit your business. This article is about to change all of that; read on to learn about just how you can use this kind of remote receptionist service to improve the way your company works.


A virtual receptionist is someone who provides call answering service for your business, but does not actually work in your office. They are available to handle phone calls and provide administrative/customer service support whenever you prefer. Simply forward your phone during busy times throughout the day, after hours, or even 24/7!


Using a virtual receptionist is easy and they are a natural extension of your business. Beyond the cost saving advantages when compared to hiring additional staff, here are some reasons why companies really like using a virtual receptionist service.


Free Up Your Staff

If your employees are constantly losing focus because they also have to answer phones, a virtual receptionist service is exactly what you require. Just like a regular receptionist, the remote secretary can receive and process every call to your business—and no more distracted employees; now they can focus 100% of their energy on their specific roles, resulting in much higher efficiency and productivity.


Make a Small Business Bigger

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Having virtual call center services on your side to answer the phone can make a big difference to small companies. There’s no better way to make a good first impression than having a real, helpful person available to quickly answer every call and give your callers the attention they deserve. Although you may be a small business, your virtual receptionists will make a big impression on your customers, who will love the high level of personalized care.


Improve Customer Service

If you use voicemail or have a phone system that includes menu items and forces customers to wait in long queues before they can get through to someone, your customer service isn’t what it could be—but, when you replace this system with a virtual receptionist, suddenly everything changes.


Instead of ignoring customers or making callers wait, they can dial you any time of the day or night and be greeted with a real person whose first and only goal is to help them. Imagine your customer calling your business and expecting a recording, only to be greeted by a live and empathetic professional. This is what virtual receptionist can bring to your business.


Reach All of Your Customers

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If your customer base includes Spanish-speaking individuals, your system for processing calls must include bilingual assistance. Otherwise, the language barrier can prove impossible to overcome. Selecting customized virtual receptionists services that are bilingual can solve this problem.


In being able to communicate with virtual receptionists in Spanish, you can ensure that your company’s stellar customer service can extend to these callers and that nothing is ever lost in translation.


Streamline the Process

Your current way to handle customer calls may involve having to go through a long list of numbers and hours of time to find out what callers contacted you about, but, with virtual receptionists, most of this work can already be done when you come into the office.


In addition to answering your customer calls, all call activity and caller details are logged to a secure dashboard, which makes it incredibly easy to manage. Plus, urgent calls can be transferred to the proper individual and on-call technicians can be dispatched by your virtual receptionist. This can eliminate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in hiring and training in-house employees.


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