How to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Your Medical Practice

As a medical practice, you already know that your patients don’t only need you during business hours, but how can you possibly address their needs when your office is closed? A medical answering service can accomplish this and can also increase their satisfaction with your practice in many ways.


Understand What Live Answering Service Is

female doctor with laptop working at the office desk

Live answering is just that: live. Instead of a ringing phone that never gets answered or an automated queue that leads to voicemail, patients who call a live answering service can speak with a real person and get peace of mind, even if they call your office at 3 a.m.

The agent at the other end goes well beyond saying hello. They are trained in medical terminology and able to provide callers with compassionate, friendly, and professional service. Imagine the relief your patients will feel when they know there’s a person at the other end who can really help them.


Give Patients the Information and Help They Need, When They Need It

When a patient calls your office, the live agent at the other end can be instructed by you to do a number of things. They can provide information to callers about your office hours, record patient information, direct their call to an emergency service, and also offer appointment scheduling Your patient will feel they can call any time and be instantly able to speak with a real person.


Create a Space to Provide Feedback

A patient may have feedback that can change your practice for the better, but how do you get it from them? With live answering services. These agents are outsourced and not directly connected to your practice in any way. This can help patients to feel less hesitant about sharing their opinions. These professional receptionists also know how to handle negative feedback.

When patients have the space to freely express their thoughts on your practice, they can provide detailed feedback. You can instantly apply it to improve the way you provide service. When you make those improvements, your patients can know their opinions really do matter to you.


Give Them a Personal Experience They’ll Remember

In these times when technology is everywhere, personal service has once again become a unique offering. When they call your service in the middle of the night and are greeted with a real and empathetic person who is ready to help, your patients will tell others. Your patients who speak Spanish can be greeted by a bilingual agent, which ensures inclusion and seamless communication.


It’s Easy to Improve Patient Satisfaction

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With live answering service from AnswerMTI, there’s no need for expensive equipment or employee training; all you need to do to improve customer satisfaction is choose a service level. You never pay for more than you need, and your patients receive consistent, personal service that they can rely on.

You can give your patients more, and the answer is live customer service. Get started today; call our sales department at (844) 798-1027.