How Does a Telephone Answering Service Create a Good Customer Service Experience?

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By promptly answering the telephone, customer service is greatly improved. The perception of your company is largely influenced by the level of attention available to each customer.

We all know how difficult answering every call can be while running your business. According to a Clutch survey, about 8 in 10 people believe efficient resolutions are important. Being put on hold and/or greeted by an automated menu/message usually evokes negative emotions (most callers are looking to fix an issue, ask a question, or make an appointment).

A positive customer service experience is likely to be shared online. In Clutch’s findings, 74% of customers with positive views were likely to share their experience; dissatisfied customers weren’t far behind, at 70%, so you can see how important it is to properly handle phone calls.1

A telephone answering service can improve the customer’s experience on many levels:

Provides Full Attention to Customers

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With a live answering service, a professional agent is always there to answer calls. They have been briefed on the types of telephone etiquette required of your business. It’s therefore possible to address issues productively so your company is seen as providing good service. Meanwhile, your team can remain productive with other types of work involved in running and growing your business.

Agents Can Field Complaints and Troubleshoot Issues

Whether they haven’t made a purchase, have yet to hire your company to do work, or a service has already been executed, customers will judge your business based on the quality of service provided. A telephone answering service can positively impact your reputation. Handling complaints and troubleshooting issues professionally can leave callers feeling satisfied, making repeat business more likely.

Customers Can Reach You After Work

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During business hours, your customers may be busy at their own jobs. They can only call when they’re home for the evening or on the weekend. Extended hours enable a live answering service to address their problems any time. Your staff may be away, but the customer can still rely on your company instead of a competitor.

No Wait/Hold Time

Most customers who don’t get a response over the phone will hang up after two minutes.1 Being put on hold is one of the most frustrating issues. With a telephone answering service, hold time can be eliminated entirely. Scheduling a callback for when a customer reaches the end of a queue is a suitable alternative. Our customer service representatives will always be on the line as soon as a customer calls.

Customers Have a Better Perception of Your Company/Brand

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Our agents can provide information, answer questions, schedule appointments, process sales orders, handle emergencies, and more. Aside from efficiency, customers value the knowledgeability of the person on the other end of the line. Friendliness, communication skills, and empathy are other beneficial traits. Via telephone, customer service standards are higher in regard to efficiency; people are less patient waiting for an answer on the phone than when using email or social media.

Information Can Be Gathered and Relayed to Your Team

Trained agents can obtain information efficiently by asking the right questions. You can even specify how you want us to interact, as we use unlimited scripting. Our team can communicate in English and Spanish, expanding the clientele we can serve.

If the caller urgently needs someone in your organization, the call can be forwarded or that person can be texted, paged, or emailed. Messages are available in a secure online portal as well. Anyone with the right credentials can receive the message the next time they log in.

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