How Can You Improve Employee Satisfaction?

The satisfaction of a company’s employees will have a direct impact on the quality of customer service a business is able to deliver, along with many other critical aspects of business success. Implementing these solutions for happier employees will benefit you now and throughout the life of your business.

Show Them You Care

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Showing concern for the wellbeing of your employees can cause their job satisfaction to skyrocket. Perhaps they’re feeling overwhelmed because they have to answer phones in addition to completing their regular daily tasks. One way to achieve a win/win here is to outsource your receptionist needs to a 24/7 live telephone answering service. This will both save you money and remove employee stress.

Respect Their Time

Stress about commuting to work can cause significant employee dissatisfaction. To remedy this, there are several options. One is to stagger start and finish times for employees with a long commute so that they can avoid heavy traffic to and from work. Offering the option for employees to work from home can reduce commuting stress and your costs as well.

Empower Them to Report Fraud

Fraud can cost your business thousands of dollars each year. Employees who don’t have a confidential means of reporting fraud may not report it at all. However, implementing anonymous employee hotline services can address this. Using live agents from an outsourced company can make employees feel more confident about reporting fraud, as those who answer whistleblower calls do not know any of your employees.

Thank Them for What They Do

Showing gratitude toward employees is another way to dramatically improve their job satisfaction. Instead of monetary rewards, consider publishing employee successes in the company newsletter, offering gift cards, or granting an extra day off. Keep employees motivated to earn rewards by introducing new and challenging targets. However, don’t make targets so challenging that employees become discouraged.

Eliminate Time and Money-Wasting Elements

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Every business has those tasks and processes which may have been in place for a while but that may be unnecessary. These elements can prevent employees from feeling driven and motivated, not to mention cost you money. Is it possible to change up the way you do things in your business?

Perhaps you could define a centralized area in your office for employees to collaborate instead of forcing them to travel to other departments. Or, instead of paying a salary, insurance, and sick time for a part-time receptionist, you could outsource this particular facet of your business to a hotline answering service and pay a flat rate for a virtual receptionist.

Implementing any or all of the above strategies can improve your bottom line. It can also cultivate long-term employees and make your business one that prospective employees dream of working for. AnswerMTI’s virtual receptionists have helped businesses in virtually every industry to reduce employee stress and save money. Choose from one of our several levels of service and never pay for more than you expect to. Get started today. Call 844-798-1027.