How a Virtual Receptionist Can Save You Money

Young friendly operator woman with headsets working in a call centre.

Thanks to the technological advancements of our time, many small businesses have easy and affordable access to some skills they would otherwise have never been able to afford. One such skill is that of a receptionist. While hiring a full-time receptionist may be outside of your budget, you should consider a virtual receptionist. Or, if your business handles a lot of calls, perhaps consider a virtual call center.

A virtual call center benefits your business in many ways, one of which is that your customers are always greeted by a real live customer support agent—and that’s 24/7. What are the advantages of a virtual receptionist? Let’s zero in on the cost-saving advantages, shall we? After all, these are the ones that have the biggest bearing on your bottom line.

1. Recruitment and Staffing Costs

Recruitment and staffing are two of the biggest expenses many small businesses face. That’s why a virtual receptionist service or a virtual call center is the most viable option for most businesses, both small and large. With virtually no recruitment costs involved and no additional employment costs such as health insurance, you stand to enjoy huge savings by hiring a virtual receptionist.

2. Training Costs

The initial training phase for new employees can be costly. Most companies don’t like making that investment, as employees can easily jump ship and leave the company to bear the burden of training another employee. With a virtual receptionist, this worry is eliminated since you don’t have to incur any training costs for these experienced workers.

3. Equipment Expenses

Hiring a fulltime receptionist requires that you furnish them with the tools they need to get the job done. In the everchanging world we are living in, this may mean constantly upgrading that equipment regularly. This is another area where a virtual receptionist service will prove to be a good business decision. That’s because you don’t have to invest in its equipment.

4. Space and Overhead Expenses

Young businesswoman sitting working at a desktop computer in the office

The beauty of enlisting a virtual receptionist service is that you don’t need any office space for your virtual receptionist. While the average cost for office space varies with location, one thing is certain: Every square foot costs you something. In most cases, that space can be used for other activities that are more profitable. However, space is not the only thing a virtual receptionist or virtual call center will save you. You also end up saving on other overheads, as well, examples being water and electricity.

5. Time

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits you get from hiring a virtual receptionist is that they free up your time to do things that are more pertinent to your business. This includes the time you’d otherwise spend recruiting and training your own receptionist to the time and expenses involved in managing a fulltime receptionist.

It’s Time to Improve Your Office’s Efficiency

Ready to streamline your office operations without having to take a big hit on your budget? Then what you need is a virtual receptionist. We can help you with highly trained professional virtual receptionists who will help you run your office like a well-oiled machine. Give us a call at 844-798-1027 or simply shoot us an email, and we’ll be glad to assist you.