How a Virtual Answering Service Can Help


How a Virtual Answering Service Can Help You Acquire Leads

Many business owners lose sleep over the question of how to generate more leads. Although there are many popular ways to do so, one of the best-kept secrets of lead generation can be found in hiring a virtual answering service. Let’s explore how this kind of service can not only get you more leads but also create immediate benefits to your bottom line.


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What Are Virtual Receptionists?

Virtual receptionists are professionally trained to answer business phone calls, provide information about a business, collect caller info, and schedule appointments. However, they can do far more than that. A virtual receptionist is also trained to handle every type of caller, including those who may be on the fence about purchasing your products.

Virtual receptionists employ a customized procedure that allows them to quickly identify what a caller needs, and then address those needs. These receptionists can answer questions, solve problems, and even transfer callers to your sales team if they meet your criteria.

Instant Contact and Screening, Around the Clock

In order to turn your leads into customers, you need to be available whenever they reach out. How can you possibly accomplish this for every single person who inquires about your business around the clock? To do so in a cost-effective manner is nearly impossible unless you have virtual receptionist service. With this service in place, each and every call can become a lead acquisition conversation; all you need to do is provide your team of live receptionists with the necessary information about your business to relay to callers as well as the information you’d like collected.

Your professional answering service can also screen your calls for lead quality. This is the ultimate time-saver because, instead of having to spend hours sifting through your calls and dead end leads, this will have already been done for you, leaving you plenty of time to concentrate on nurturing quality leads.

Increased Budget for Lead Generation

Hiring a virtual answering service can also help you increase your budget for lead acquisition. How? These professional operators are not on your payroll; they work for another company who pays for their wages, benefits, and vacation time. You only pay for the level of service you want, which dramatically reduces your overhead and significantly increases your budget for a lead generation.


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More Leads Overall

Hiring a 24-hour virtual answering service can mean a higher number of leads for your business. These professionally trained receptionists answer every call personally, which elevates your business image. In these days of long phone queues and answering machines, the impressive personal service your callers receive will make it far easier for you to turn them into customers. And with 24-hour availability, you’ll never miss another lead that otherwise would have been turned off by your voicemail or lack of attentiveness. Plus, your callers will be far more likely to leave you positive online reviews, which will result in even more calls!

Choosing the right virtual receptionist service will be crucial to your lead generation efforts. Your agents should be professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. As well, the service level you choose should fit your budget, but exceed your expectations. AnswerMTI is dedicated to delivering only the most professional operators at the best prices. You never pay for more than what you use, thanks to our range of service levels. Discover how AnswerMTI can help you start capturing and closing more leads today; call 1-800-673-2000 to learn more.