An Emergency Answering Service Is an Important Part of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Sometimes, there’s no telling when a disaster will occur. Other times, you can get a pretty good heads up if you’re paying attention to the weather forecast. Either way, you need to be ready. As a smart business owner, you will already have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure minimal interruption to your company. There is another aspect to your plan that also shouldn’t go ignored—a way for customers to reach you if they need to. An emergency answering service is your solution.


Why Emergency Communication Is Vital


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Your customers may live across town where the roads have been plowed or the power isn’t out. Or your customers may live across the country and not even know an emergency has occurred in your location. Meanwhile, some form of disaster has completely knocked out your power and you have no way to receive calls or accept orders. However, all the customer knows is that they can’t get in touch with you, and they don’t know why. This can result in lost revenue.


The Benefits of a Live Answering Service During Emergencies


Disaster call answering means that a live operator picks up the phone to answer calls from your customers. Unlike automated answering systems and voicemail, live answering doesn’t rely on recorded messages. Instead of having to listen and choose from several options before leaving a message, customers can speak to a person within the first few rings.


Your live operator can let them know that there’s been an emergency which has rendered your business temporarily unable to communicate with them and provide them with solutions for alternate contact. Or they can not mention the disaster at all and present a “business as usual” front. The choice is yours. Unlike recorded systems, a live answering service offers immediate communication and instant resolution of the issue.


Another benefit of emergency phone answering is its location. Because they don’t operate directly from your area, your operators are accessible when you are not. However, the customer doesn’t know this; instead, they are greeted by a professional and friendly receptionist who is ready to help them.


Because a live service makes communication seamless in times of emergency, your customers never have to worry about not being able to get in touch with you. This tells customers that they are important to you and that your company is dedicated to offering the best customer service possible.


For customers in your area, a live answering service can easily handle the sudden and large volumes of calls which typically occur following widespread inclement weather or power outages. They can share info about your business, take messages for you to return when you’re able, accept orders, schedule appointments, transfer calls to alternate numbers and more to keep your business running smoothly.


Professionally Trained Operators, Ready to Help


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Live answering service agents are trained to handle all types of customer calls. In an emergency situation, the friendly and compassionate service that live receptionists provide can offer some comfort to customers who are experiencing frustration and anxiety following a disaster.


If an emergency occurs with your business, your customers can stay informed about your progress as you begin the reconnection process.


Disaster can strike at any time; ensure you’re ready to handle customer calls no matter what. AnswerMTI offers professional emergency call answering service packages for every budget.  It’s easy and affordable to get our award-winning service for your business; call us now to learn more about our free, one-week trial: 844-798-1027.