Creating a Strong First Impression with a Live Answering Service

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A strong first impression is a must for any business, whether it’s a small startup or corporation, but we know answering the phones all day can distract your staff from more business-centric tasks. Nevertheless, most callers who reach a voicemail won’t follow through, which can mean missed opportunities. A live answering service avoids this because it can handle any incoming phone call.

Whether you’re in healthcare, education, law, real estate, hospitality, or government, here’s a look at what you can expect from a professional answering service.

What Is a Live Answering Service?

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To define what an answering service is, let’s look at the issues it can address. Your staff is probably involved with a range of duties during the day and is not likely in the office after-hours or on the weekend. Yet many people you serve may work and have only evenings or days off to reach you. It can therefore be hard to answer every call.

Your staff may also find a backlog of voicemail messages to sort through in the morning, and the phone may ring “off-the-hook” at times throughout the day. There’s also the issue of “over-ringing,” or when the phone rings for an extended time until someone answers it. Some companies consider hiring extra staff to handle incoming calls, but this can be expensive.

With a live answering service:

  • Your staff isn’t distracted by answering the phone.
  • Additional hires are not necessary.
  • No investments in more equipment and infrastructure are needed.

A dedicated live agent answers the phone immediately every time. Trained in matters specific to different industries, they can answer questions and handle a range of tasks to assist callers. To those on the other end of the line, the quality of service, attention to detail, and compassion appears to come directly from your company.


  • Call Screening: You decide the questions you want our virtual receptionists to ask. They can determine whether to forward or transfer calls to your office, obtain information from the caller, or leave important personnel a note or message.
  • Cost: The price of a service plan is much lower than hiring and paying a full-time receptionist. AnswerMTI offers flexible plans that meet your business’s needs, whether there are times of higher call volume or it is steadily growing.
  • Appointment Scheduling: This is another perk of a live answering service. You never have to miss an appointment; our agents are trained to set, reschedule, and document appointments on your calendar, which is updated in real time.
  • Eliminates Spam: By signing up for an answering service, spam can be virtually eliminated. There will be no distracting calls from telemarketers or phishing attempts. You have the knowledge that someone is always making a good impression for you.
  • Flexibility: Every business has different needs when it comes to handling calls. We can tailor a package just for you. Perhaps you need supportfor when a receptionist on your staff is unavailable during a lunch break or when on another call. Our answering service for small businesses can also handle call overflow whenever necessary.

How AnswerMTI Helps Create a Strong First Impression

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A strong first impression is important on the phone. To ensure customer service is of high quality, you first want to always pick up the phone. Your tone is also important; it is as impactful as your facial expression or body language, although the caller can’t see you. The agent should sound happy to assist the caller with anything, actively listen to them, and be courteous when ending the call.

  • Exceptional Customer Support: Most people will hang up when greeted by a pre-recorded message. A live agent provides a friendly voice and ensures the caller is not put on hold. They’re also trained to immediately address common questions and concerns. If there’s a surge in call volume or the caller is ready to make a sale, our agents are ready to manage the transaction.
  • Never Miss an Important Call Again: Using a call answering service can make the difference between missed opportunities and new business. You can therefore avoid losses due to customers looking for more attentive service. This can improve customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and revenue, all with the positive impression that our representative can make.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty: Consistently great customer service helps build confidence in your business. The caller may not even know they’re speaking to a virtual receptionist. Customers who feel like they’re helped whenever they need to be are more likely to stay loyal.

How AnswerMTI Makes a Great First Impression

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You can always count on a great first impression whether you sign up for our contractor, attorney, hospitality, real estate, or medical answering service. Our 24/7 answering service is available to businesses across the United States. From prompt answering to using a friendly tone, to actively listening and making a connection with the caller, our live agents make sure the customer’s concerns are always addressed. To learn more or request a free trial of our live answering service, call 844-798-1027 today.