Commercial and Residential Maintenance Answering Services

When a tenant experiences a maintenance emergency, they need assistance right away. If they can’t reach your property’s maintenance person, the problem can quickly become a major and costly disaster. However, you don’t want your on-call maintenance tech getting calls all throughout the night for issues that can wait. Having a 24-hour call answering service ensures that no tenant ever has to wait for the help they really need.


Instant Relief for Callers

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Unlike other call answering products, a live answering service ensures that a real person always picks up the phone, even long after your office has closed. Not only that, but a live agent can offer callers an empathetic ear and assure the callers that their problems will be attended to as quickly as possible.


Live receptionists can forward emergency calls to your maintenance department or to your preferred repair specialist for immediate service. They can also log all call details for you to review at your convenience.


Worry-Free Maintenance for Property Managers

An automated answering system forces callers to either leave a message or call one or more additional numbers which may also force them to wait for assistance. If left unrepaired, some maintenance issues can grow to become far more expensive to fix. As well, the company a tenant calls when they can’t get through to you can be far costlier than your preferred company who may have a service agreement with.


A 24-hour answering service with live agents eliminates this worry by always facilitating an approved interaction with your preferred contractors or staff.


Elevates Your Level of Customer Service

What your current tenants think of the customer service you offer can mean the difference between full and empty units. Tenants will share their experience with others—some who may be potential tenants. If they were able to have their issue resolved by a friendly and professional live agent instead of having a frustrating experience with an automated system, you can be sure they will talk about it.


The better the level of customer service you can provide, the more popular your properties will be, and the more likely you’ll benefit from having long-term tenants.


Saves You Money over the Long Term

Are live agents more expensive than automated systems? For an answer to this question, consider what having an automated system requires. You must first purchase it, and then have professionals come to install the system. Then you have to train staff on how to use it. After that, you’ll have to pay to maintain and upgrade the system every so often. An automated system really is more costly than it may seem.


A 24-hour phone answering service is more affordable than you might think. Live receptionists work for another company that has already provided full training and equipment. You only pay for the level of service you choose; any costs associated with employing live agents are up to their employer.


You Can Get Started Today

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