Capture Even More Leads with Immediate Responses and Custom Scripting

When it comes to capturing leads, there’s almost nothing more important than an instant response and a script that supports a more productive interaction. As it is, just one-quarter of all marketing-generated leads are of high-enough quality to become sales, according to Gleanster Research.1 It’s also been estimated that as many as 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.2

Having a warm lead with some interest in your product is advantageous, but the attention you give them matters, which is why when you have a receptionist answering phone calls, a script is important. Active response and custom scripting improve response time and the effectiveness of lead capture.

How Does an Active Response Work?

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As part of our tiered pricing plans, AnswerMTI agents can respond when a potential lead provides their phone number, for example, on a website submission form. Our virtual receptionists then use custom scripting to make outbound calls and reach out to that person. If the lead is interested in buying, the call can be transferred to your sales team. Our representatives can also answer questions or set an appointment, just as anyone in your office can.

At AnswerMTI, our agents use effective telephone scripts that identify who you are and obtains contact information for your business to reach them. A call-back number and an email address are important for putting any potential lead in your sales funnel. Custom scripting also helps you better interact when customers call with questions or concerns.

Our team will work with you to create a script that works for your organization, with answers to common questions and how your prefer to greet callers. We can greatly enhance how calls are handled. Better yet, our agents are available 24/7 and based in the U.S.

What Is Custom Scripting for Businesses?

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A custom phone script allows for a productive conversation with a customer or prospect. The receptionist or agent never has to fumble for the right words. Positive scripting helps carry on a conversation in any situation, and it helps an agent sound confident, friendly, and professional. It helps address the customer’s needs as well as streamline communication.

However, you want to avoid sounding too scripted. Scripts can be an effective training tool to get started, but the interaction should feel natural and personal while delivering the intended message. Empathy helps provide a positive experience; it requires listening to, understanding, and communicating with potential customers in a meaningful way.

What Your Custom Telephone Answer Script Should Accomplish

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The first consideration is the message that you want to convey. Who is the person you’re trying to reach? Do they already have a high level of interest in your product or service? If so, then you’re more likely to achieve a sale via direct contact to a hot lead.

A warm lead who has expressed interest is worth pursuing, even if they’re not immediately ready to buy. They may have just submitted their telephone number/email online or opted in for additional content. Cold leads may not have yet shown interest or intent to purchase, but nurturing them can pay off later.

If you have our receptionist answering phone calls, a script can provide a template for:

  • Introducing your company
  • Stating the reason for the call
  • Obtaining more information
  • Confirming the details provided
  • Providing product support (phone, email, or live chat)

AnswerMTI Can Help You Capture More Leads

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Our agents are trained to use active responses that can convey the message you want. Custom scripting is one of the many services we offer. We also provide business answering, appointment setting, call patching, and virtual receptionist services. Sign up for a free, one-week trial to test out our answering services. We provide three levels of service based on receptionist time, plus a custom solution to manage even higher call volumes.

Request your free trial online or call 844-798-1027 for more information.