Why Your New York Business Needs Live Answering

  Live Answering Services in New York If you’re a business with a lot of customers, a very common way to process calls is via an automated New York answering service. While these can certainly help you to take more calls in a day,  they can’t provide customers with the stellar level of service they’ve [...]Read More »

What Is Call Patching? Can It Benefit My Business?

You have many options for how your customer calls are handled. However, there is one option that saves you money and improves your level of customer care: call patching services. Let’s take a closer look at why this service offers so much value to your business.   Call Patching Is Different Unlike automated systems which [...]Read More »

5 Ways a HIPAA-Compliant Answering Service Helps Improve Patient Experience

Thanks to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, patients can rest assured that their information will be kept confidential. As a medical business, the security of patient information needs to be the top priority. A HIPAA-compliant medical answering service can improve the patient experience in many ways.   Automated Answering Service Isn’t Enough The [...]Read More »

How Live Answering Service Helps Property Management

How Live Answering Service Helps You Keep Property Residents Property managers have a multi-faceted job; not only do they have to take care of the tasks associated with tenants moving in and out, but they also have to be able to handle calls from current and prospective tenants, sometimes at all hours of the night. [...]Read More »

Real Estate Answering Service

  What Should You Look For in a Real Estate Answering Service? As the busy owner of a real estate business, you have a lot going on. That’s why you probably have an automated answering service to handle all your calls. However, unless it makes your clients happy and your job easier, it’s costing you [...]Read More »

Benefits of Having an Answering Service Set Your Appointments

Whether it’s for your customers, clients, patients or vendors, the importance of setting appointments cannot be understated. However, if you’re not able to schedule appointments efficiently throughout the day (and even after hours), this can cause you to lose business. Having an appointment scheduling answering service can be your solution.   What Is an Answering [...]Read More »

Property Management Phone Answering Service

  Emergency Maintenance Calls: Why an Apartment Answering Service Is Important  In an emergency maintenance situation, the first call tenants make is to the building owner or property manager. However, with scheduling apartment viewings and answering vacancy queries, in addition to collecting and updating rental payments on their lists, an owner or manager may be unable to [...]Read More »

Live Answering Service for Hospitality

  Why Hospitality Businesses Need a Live Answering Service As the owner of hospitality business, you already know the competition is fierce. In order to stand out, you have to make sure each and every call is answered courteously and professionally, and that any queries are handled to customer satisfaction. Any call sent to voicemail or not processed properly [...]Read More »

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