When to Use a Virtual Receptionist Service

A busy business is a successful business. However, the cost to hire full-time employees to handle your calls can be high. Another solution is to hire a virtual answering service. This option is not only incredibly cost-efficient, but can result in even more business for you.

Virtual receptionist with glasses on the phone

What Are Virtual Receptionists?

Virtual receptionists have been professionally trained to answer calls and provide callers with information about your business. Unlike full-time employees, virtual receptionists work on a contract basis with your company, which means you only pay for the service when you need it.

Who Needs This Service?

There are many situations when it would be wise to consider hiring a virtual receptionist. If your business is experiencing any of the following issues, you are very likely to benefit from having this service.

  • If callers are frequently sent to voicemail, placed on hold, or often hang up, you could absolutely use a virtual receptionist. These individuals answer calls within the first few rings, and your customers get to speak to a live person right away, without having to go through an automated system or being forced to leave a message.


  • Any business that takes calls after hours should look into virtual receptionist services. Whether you are a maintenance professional, doctor’s office, hotel, or another business, this service can ensure no call goes unanswered, and no caller is left without the information they need. This also means you won’t miss any after-hours opportunities to provide great customer service or bring on new clients.


  • If you are shifting staff from their regular tasks to answer phones during busy times, their efficiency is suffering. Having a virtual receptionist service on your team can eliminate the need for employees to interrupt their focus, allowing your business to reclaim momentum and productivity.


  • All businesses experience growth and change. If your business is expanding, a virtual receptionist service can expand with it. A plan can be customized to suit your unique requirements and adjust if your call volume increases or decreases.


  • Difficulties can arise when you have customers whose first language isn’t English. However, virtual receptionists who are bilingual can ensure that all callers receive service in their language. This way, all important information is communicated and nothing gets lost in translation.

Ensure Continued Success

Bad customer service is one of the main reasons that businesses falter or fail. Many organizations feel that a solution might be complicated or out of reach, but the truth is that avoiding bad customer service is far easier than you may suspect.

When you have professional live operators answering customer calls and providing personal service, your customers will feel valued by your company. This can translate to more business for you, as they are likely to stay loyal AND tell others about the stellar service they received when they called you.

Finding the best virtual receptionist service provider doesn’t have to be complicated. The right partner will allow you to customize your package based on your requirements and budget. If you’re ready to start offering live answering services to your customers, customized virtual receptionist services can be your incredibly affordable answer.

virtual receptionist with a headset

AnswerMTI’s virtual receptionist service can ensure all your customer calls are answered by a live and friendly operator; call 1-800-673-2000 to learn more.