Answering Services for Colleges


Advantages of Live Inbound Answering Services for Colleges

Colleges and universities not only offer their students a unique educational opportunity, they also receive a wide variety of calls. From admissions to special events queries to information about financial aid and professors, your administrative staff needs to be able to handle every type of call no matter what time of the day or when in the school year it may be. Here’s how a higher education answering service can help.

College Ground

Today’s answering service for colleges requires nothing but a request from you. Operators are trained to handle all calls your institution receives and can also route calls to the correct departments and organize messages according to priority. Available at all times of the day or night, an answering service will always answer calls within a few rings and offer friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable service as they represent your higher education institution with professionalism and class.

The Benefits of Answering Service for Your Institution

Regardless of who is calling your office looking for information, all will expect the same thing: personal and professional service. Unlike other systems that force callers to choose automated options, wait in long queues, or get stuck with a voicemail option, a live answering service answers call with a live person, each and every time.

Calls from Students

When students call looking for admissions information, office hours, or a specific department or professor, a telephone answering service for colleges can instantly provide them with what they need. All that’s required is to provide your live answering partner with this information, and they can handle the rest.

Specific Information Requests

Before the school year begins, your receptionist can be quickly overwhelmed by calls that seem to come from every angle. At times, you may have even asked other staff to help with reception. However, with a live answering service, you don’t need to distract other staff; instead, the bulk of your incoming calls can be instantly redirected to professional operators. This call overflow keeps school offices operating efficiently even during the busiest of times.

Instant Transfer

Many colleges and universities use an answering service as their first line of caller communication. Professional receptionists can assist callers by routing them directly to the best department or person to help them. This seamless process ensures that your administrative staff doesn’t get overwhelmed and that callers receive the best experience possible.


Telephone Answering Services For Colleges


Instant Savings and Implementation

Because of their professional training, your live answering service can be implemented as soon as the operators are provided with the information necessary to process calls. The service is so seamless that your callers will never know that the operators they speak with are not employees of your institution. They really are acting as an extension of your team.

As well, these receptionists are trained, employed, and paid by the company they work for; you only pay for the level of service you want, and you’ll realize immediate cost savings as a result.

Get Professional Live Answering Service for Your Educational Facility

AnswerMTI specializes in professional, knowledgeable, and courteous answering services for colleges and universities. Discover how easy it can be to get live inbound support for higher education with professional service from AnswerMTI; call us today at 1-800-673-2000.