Does Your Answering Service Use Progressive Training?


Answering services that use progressive training are dedicated to perfecting the live support they provide for you and enhancing the customer experience for your callers.

Image of a person stretching as part of their progressive training efforts

Progressive training is a type of training that is set up in a sequence that requires an increase in performance proficiency to move onto the next level. So what does that look like in a call center setting? Agents are given both quantitative and qualitative goals they must meet before moving up to another level of performance standards. Scripting, time on the call, message accuracy, and tone of voice are all possible training points. As an agent advances in ability and skill, they move up and get more things to work on that allows them to perfect their craft.

How do call center managers keep tabs on their answering service agent progression? Well they can’t sit with every agent to listen in on calls, but they can review call recordings and pick out what agents need to work on. They also listen for things agents do well so they can celebrate and reward those who are nailing the important aspects of call handling.

A lot of call centers record their calls, but not all of them use them for training purposes. That’s all part of quality assurance monitoring and you can read more about that here: Does Your Answering Service Monitor Themselves?

The reason we use progressive training with our answering service agents is so that we can ensure we are representing your business with a crisp, professional image whether it’s 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. The farther along an agent is in their progressive training, the more complex accounts they are allowed to handle. New agents work on basic name, number, message accounts as they hone their skills, while the more advanced agents are set up to handle the inbound calls that require more in-depth processing.

Continuous progressive training and accountability go a long ways in the world of business answering services. That continued pursuit of excellence is reflected by superior customer service levels and numerous satisfied callers. The efforts of progressive training should be evident in each call we handle.

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