Does Your Answering Service Monitor Themselves?


Call centers that monitor their agents are able to provide better answering services for their customers. How closely does your service provider keep tabs on incoming calls?

image of three people going over answering service call monitoring

Answering services that monitor inbound calls are always looking for ways to improve. Call centers that don’t dedicate staff and time to quality assurance monitoring don’t have your best interest in mind. When it comes down to it, call monitoring in an answering service environment benefits multiple groups: the company that hired the live support provider, the callers that reach the answering service, and everyone who works in the call center.

A business answering service that is involved in quality assurance monitoring listens to and reviews calls that their agents take. Monitors are listening for many, many things on each call. They are looking for areas that could use improvement as well as things agents did well so they can celebrate a job well done. Are agents sticking to the script? Is the script working well? How is the agent’s tone of voice? Are they chipper and cheery in the right situations and sympathetic when necessary? Is an attitude of helpfulness always on display? Are there ways to cut down on the call time to save customers money?

  • When training opportunities are identified, call centers are able to better coach their agents and get everyone performing at a high level that is often rewarded. Quality scores go up and the whole call center is humming along efficiently.
  • Call monitoring is also beneficial for the companies that hired the answering service. It ensures that they have got the script perfectly dialed in, that the company is providing great customer service for their callers, and it can even help lower their bill.
  • People that reach the answering service on the phone are beneficiaries of call monitoring too. When agents are properly trained, the call experience is much more streamlined, helpful, and satisfactory.

The benefits of call monitoring in a call center setting are many. So how do you know if your answering service is engaging in this activity? Ask them! Don’t be afraid to really dig in and ask exactly what measures they take to monitor calls, train their agents on your account, and make sure they are providing the best service possible for you.

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