All the Office Hacks You Should Try (and some you shouldn’t)


At this point there have been dozens of articles posted online about different office hacks. We’ve scoured them to determine all the office hacks you should try and identified a few that you’re probably better off skipping.

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If you’re looking for some nifty ways to organize your desk or improve office life, there is no shortage of work hacks floating around the internet. Some of them are total game changers, while others aren’t worth the time or effort. We have browsed dozens of articles about office hacks and have compiled a list of some of the ones you should actually try as well as a few that you can safely ignore.

25 Office Hacks You Need to Know

You should try #18
Many of us have approached the office coffee pot wondering how fresh the brew sitting there really is. Never fall victim to an old batch again by using a pair of cups to create a time tracker to let everyone know when the last pot was brewed.

You should avoid #24
Trying to organize your desk drawers with old cereal boxes isn’t very effective, it makes you look like a hoarder, and there are better organizational options. You’re better off just recycling your cereal boxes when you’re done rather than cramming them in a drawer.

17 DIY Office Hacks to Make Work More Tolerable

You should try #2
Using binder clip arms to replace your busted keyboard feet is genius. Actually, there are lots of great office hacks that harness the magical powers of binder clips. And you thought binder clips were only good for seeing how long you could stand getting your finger pinched.

You should avoid #9 and #13
Sure, if you have old floppy disks sitting around your office you could use twist ties to fasten them together to make a pen holder. Or you could get rid of those relics and start an initiative to get your company out of the 1990’s. Only one of those is going to get you a raise. And this should go without saying, but rigging a pen and a couple bent paper clips to create a fork is just dangerous. Is your microwave lunch really worth the danger of stabbing yourself in the mouth?

20 Creative Office Hacks That Will Improve Your Working Environment

You should try #20
Ever been on your way to work or an important meeting and you look down to notice your black shoes have been scuffed to reveal a color that is not black? This is where a black sharpie can save the day. Just color over the scuffed area and nobody will notice unless they are paying particularly close attention to your feet. And if they are, you’ve got bigger problems than a little scuff.

You should avoid #16
If you really find it necessary to add a pocket to the back of your tie for extra storage then you either need to carry less stuff or wear clothes with a normal amount of pockets.

11 Easy DIY Office Hacks to Improve Your Workday

You should try #11
Need a key card to access different areas at work or just get in the front door? Keeping it in your phone case is a great way to never forget it. Shoot, you could slide your credit card and ID back there too and just ditch your wallet.

You should avoid #9 and #10
Sure, eating cake out of a coffee mug and popping open a beer with your computer charger sounds sweet, but maybe you should just save the treats and drinks for happy hour.

10 Best Office Hacks

You should try #1
We really can’t argue with this one. Using a 24 hour answering service to handle your phones ensures that you’re free to focus on your job while never missing any important calls.

You should avoid #4
Rather than using old CDs as coasters on your desk, get some personalized ones that make you smile. Think along the lines of beautiful outdoor settings, photos of your loved ones, inspirational quotes, or logos of your favorite teams.

There are so many different ways to get organized, increase productivity, or make work life better with office hacks. Check out some of them, try a few that work for you, and just skip the doofy ones that aren’t doing anybody any good.

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