8 Important Things to Look for in a Bilingual Answering Service

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Having a bilingual answering service is essential to your business operations today more than ever. Whether you are a small business owner or in charge of operating a multi-national corporation, you need to be responsive to your customers’ needs day or night, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The easiest way to ensure your customers have the support they require when they need it is with help from a qualified phone answering service that is bilingual When looking for the best bilingual answering service, here are 8 important things you need to find:

1. Level of Expertise

You need an answering service that has expertise in your particular industry. Choosing a service with industry experience is beneficial because the service can help identify areas that you may overlook and offer insights into things you could improve on for better customer service experiences. Plus, they will know how to handle your callers and be able to set up a successful account based on their experience.

2. High Level of Customer Satisfaction

You need to ensure the answering service can provide the same level of customer satisfaction you provide your customers (or even better). The process should be seamless for callers whether they call you directly or their call is answered by the service you hire.

3. Affordable Pricing

Pricing should be reflective of the level of service you require. For example, if you only need a service to answer calls after hours, you should not be billed full-service rates. Additionally, your rate plan should be easy to understand, including how long the rates are guaranteed.

4. Flexible, Customizable, and Scalable Options

You want an answering service that can adapt to your call answering requirements as they change and evolve. Initially, you may only need help with calls after hours. As your daytime call volumes grow, you may want assistance later with the excess call volumes you cannot handle on your own. Finding a service that offers flexible options allows you to make adjustments to your plan to reflect your current business requirements.

5. Fluent Representatives

Smiling customer support operator at work

One customer service issue that occurs often is customers complain there are language barriers when speaking to telephone agents. You want to choose a bilingual answering service that has agents that are fluent in English and Spanish since these are the top two most-used languages in the United States. Ask to have conversations with their bilingual agents to put them to the test.

6. Helps Promote Your Business Image

You want an answering service that further strengthens and promotes your business image and brands. When they can represent you in the same professional image you have already established, it helps build even more credibility for your business.

7. Listens to Your Requirements

Not all answering services are created equally. When selecting a bilingual answering service for your business, you need to take your time, learn more about the answering service, what they can provide, and what they bring to the table. It is acceptable to shop around until you find a service that fits with your business ideals, culture, and requirements. Don’t let anyone shoehorn you into their rigid structures. Make sure they understand what you are trying to accomplish and can provide a customized solution.

8. Offers a Free Trial

You don’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, so you shouldn’t do the same with a phone answering service. Select a service that allows you to take them for a “test drive” to ensure they can live up to your expectations.

By looking for these things in an answering service, you are sure to find the best service. For further information about our U.S.-based bilingual answering service and how we can help your business, or to request a FREE 7-day trial, contact AnswerMTI at 844-798-1027 today!