5 Ways a HIPAA-Compliant Answering Service Helps Improve Patient Experience

Thanks to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, patients can rest assured that their information will be kept confidential. As a medical business, the security of patient information needs to be the top priority. A HIPAA-compliant medical answering service can improve the patient experience in many ways.


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Automated Answering Service Isn’t Enough

The kind of service your business uses to communicate with patients can make all the difference. For instance, automated queue systems and answering systems cannot guarantee the safety of any patient’s information. As well, not all medical answering services will include HIPAA compliance in the services they provide.


What Your Live Medical Answering Service Should Offer

The right live service will offer many benefits, including HIPAA compliance, to your business. The company you choose should offer around-the-clock answering so that all patient inquiries or emergencies can be dealt with promptly.


Appointment scheduling is a must for your service to include. In being able to schedule appointments at any time of day, you can ensure that you are always busy helping patients who need your services.


They should also offer tracking, organizing, and prioritizing of calls, as this ensures compliance with patient data privacy law. Having these services will also help your patients to feel confident that their information is safe.


All individuals performing the answering service for your business should be professionally trained in the industry and in HIPAA compliance so that even when a patient needs to leave a message, they can do so with the utmost security.


The Benefits of Live Receptionist Service

In your busy office, the staff needs to be able to do their jobs all day, but, when you need to redirect their attention to what may be the unfamiliar task of answering calls, concentration is broken and efficiency is lost. Live service frees your staff to continue what they do best.


Errors in paperwork are simply unacceptable in a medical office. Yet, many continue to force staff to work at multiple jobs simultaneously, which can cause dangerous mistakes. Live receptionists eliminate the risk of errors by focusing on answering and processing phone calls while your staff focuses on ensuring the correct information is always being recorded in medical forms.


If part of your patient base is Spanish-speaking, bilingual live agents can offer service to patients in this community. In being able to speak with a Spanish receptionist, your patients know that their information will be accurately communicated with no risk of loss in translation or security.


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Get Trusted Live Agents for Your Medical Office

AnswerMTI operators are professionally trained to HIPAA-compliant answering services. Available around the clock, our live receptionists are 100% U.S.-based and can process and prioritize calls, communicate with your Spanish-speaking patients, and take the pressure off of in-house staff.


There’s no need to pay for expensive and non-compliant answering software or new staff; simply choose a service level for your current needs. AnswerMTI can help you maintain patient data privacy. Call 1-844-798-1027 to learn more.