5 Tips for Happy Tenants

Apartment building

Investing in real estate is an excellent way of generating income, particularly if you invest in residential property. However, managing a property with multiple tenants is no mean feat. It takes a lot of hard work to keep every tenant happy—and happy tenants equal high tenant retention rates.

So, how do you ensure every one of your tenants is happy? Here are 5 tips to help you do just that:

1. Quickly Respond to Maintenance Requests

For a tenant, there’s nothing worse than a landlord who’s unresponsive when needed.

That’s where an apartment answering service comes in handy for both you as a property manager and for your tenants. When you use an answering service to build healthy relationships with your tenants, it becomes easy to stay on top of any issues your tenants may need you to attend to. That’s the kind of service that reduces tenant turnover. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Be Available to Answer Questions

Despite your busy schedule as a property manager, your tenants will always expect you to be available to answer their questions. Fortunately, you don’t always have to be onsite to do so.

You can simply use a property management call answering service to handle all your customer service issues. It’s a small investment that’s bound to make a huge impact on your tenants’ happiness.

3. Update the Property

Of course, for your tenants to be happy, they need to love the place they call home. For that to happen, you have to constantly update your property. The best way to show your tenants that you value them is to ensure that their apartments are comfortable and a pleasure to live in.

4. Handle Emergencies 24/7

One unfortunate thing about emergencies is that they can happen at any time—even at odd hours of the night. As a property manager or landlord, any emergency your tenants may have on your property is your responsibility. That’s why they must have access to you 24/7. Again, this is where a 24/7 answering service comes to the rescue. If any emergency arises on your property, you’ll be quickly notified so you can attend to it speedily.

Set Up Tour Appointments with New Tenants

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Have an apartment or two that are vacant? Listing them is only the first step to getting them occupied. The next step is to set up tour appointments with prospective tenants. This means they must be able to reach you easily. If they can’t, they may end up going elsewhere. An answer service will ensure that you don’t miss a call without putting a strain on your personal phone or your time.

Need to Keep Your Tenants Happy? A Call Answering Service Is the Key

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of success for any business. A great part of ensuring you nail it is to be available for your tenants whenever they need you. If you’re struggling to keep tabs on what your tenants need, you need help. You need a call answering service. Give us a call at 844-798-1027, and we’ll help you streamline your customer service and improve your tenant retention.


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