How a Spanish Answering Service Works


A Spanish answering service is becoming a big piece of the puzzle for companies who want to provide bilingual support for their callers.

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Within the next couple years, the Hispanic population will make up 20% of people in the United States. That’s a lot of potential customers. Savvy businesses are now making moves to ensure they are properly set up to accommodate these people in the language they are most comfortable with. A Spanish answering service is a crucial part of the plan.

Often referred to as a bilingual answering service, call centers that have the capability to handle calls in Spanish and English are superior in their ability to help you help more people. Agents that work at a Spanish answering service are fluent in both languages so they can effectively manage your account no matter which language a caller speaks.

The versatility of a Spanish answering service is the key here. It totally depends on how your business is set up and what language you want your messages in, but these are some of the ways a Spanish answering service can work after hours or when you are unavailable:

  • Spanish speaking caller – agent takes message – translates and delivers message in English (most popular)
  • Spanish speaking caller – agent takes message – delivers message in Spanish
  • English speaking caller – agent takes message – delivers message in English
  • English speaking caller – agent takes message – translates and delivers in Spanish

There is even another alternative to explore here. What if you are able to handle your own calls during the day, but you don’t have anyone on staff to handle the Spanish calls? An option is to put an automated greeting on the front end of your phones that asks callers to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Everyone who presses 1 go straight through to you. Everyone who presses 2 gets routed to the Spanish answering service so they can have a conversation, get the information they need, and leave a message that the agent can translate and send over to you immediately.

If your business isn’t limited to only helping English speaking callers, why limit yourself with a support provider that isn’t a Spanish answering service? Whether you want bilingual phone coverage to provide great customer service and capture new leads after hours, over the weekend, while you’re on vacation, or any time during the day, an experience Spanish answering service has got what it takes to help you succeed.

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