Can You Hear Your Answering Service Smile?


A call center agent’s attitude dictates how well their conversation goes with a caller. If they have a smile on their face then they are far more likely to facilitate a positive experience. But an agent with any hint of grumpiness can leave a bad taste in the mouth of anyone.

Image of four smiling answering service agents

Wait, what? Hear a smile? Isn’t that like trying to see the wind? Actually, yes, it’s exactly like that. The wind is a powerful force and everyone can see its impact. Answering service agents who smile while they’re on the phone are also a force to be reckoned with as they drive a positive impact on your business.

Think about it. Remember all those times you have been on the phone with a customer service representative or a receptionist for a company. You’ve surely had some good and some bad experiences. When the person on the other end has been smiling as they speak with you, most likely you are having a positive encounter with a happy and helpful person. And what about the bad times? Their frowny face and bad attitude just seeped through the phone and mucked up your whole encounter. It’s so easy to hear if the person you are speaking with is smiling, and whether or not they do has a big effect on your whole experience.

So what does this have to do with your business answering service? EVERYTHING! Your answering service is speaking to your customers or potential clients on the regular. They are representing YOUR business. Don’t you want each caller to be treated to a pleasant experience? Of course you do. Your success depends on it.

And there is only one way to know for sure if you can hear your answering service smile: call them. Go ahead, test your answering service out and see if you have a pleasant experience in which their smile flows through the phone and creates a positive encounter. If you can hear your answering service smile, so can your customers.

Remember, call center agents who smile on the phone are not only a good way to increase conversion rates, but to also brand your business phones with an answering service.