24/7 Virtual Receptionist and Live Answering Services for Plastic Surgeons

cosmetic surgeon performing a procedure while her answering service for plastic surgery handles phone callsThe office of a cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon is often a busy one. Appointments are scheduled, rescheduled, and canceled throughout the day. Patients often call with questions, and not at the most convenient times. But you are committed to addressing their every concern; this is where an answering service for a plastic surgeon gives you an advantage.

AnswerMTI has the personnel, equipment, and expertise to answer calls fast and attend to callers’ needs. We offer fully customized plans based on call volume and the types of service you require most. Our agents can act as virtual receptionists who use a script tailored to your specifications and are trained in industry terminology, such as contouring, rejuvenation, dermabrasion, augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and others.

Benefits of a Plastic Surgery Answering Service

Answering calls right away is critical to achieve patient satisfaction. Clients may be nervous about a procedure and want to discuss an upcoming treatment with a surgeon or representative. Meanwhile, patients call throughout the day and even after hours. Managing appointments and answering questions are important tasks, but for practitioners and office staff, serving a growing clientele can become overwhelming.

But AnswerMTI’s live answering service means an experienced receptionist receives a call, whether your staff has gone home for the day or when call volume increases. You can forward calls to our team of virtual receptionists whenever you want so every client receives a high level of service. Otherwise, your conversation with one patient may be interrupted by another call, and it may become hard to work productively.

A medical answering service takes the burden off your staff. Plus, we have receptionists available 24 hours a day, always ready to set appointments, patch calls, and handle urgent situations. An agent can screen and forward a call to you or someone on your staff if the nature of the call meets your requirements. They can also assist a client whether they experience a complication from a procedure or otherwise need to reach someone in a hurry.

Or, if emergency circumstances force your office to close, a patient can still talk to a representative who can take questions, manage an appointment, or otherwise allow your customer service to continue.

The cosmetic surgery field is growing rapidly. Your business may be too, but handling the needs of a large clientele can be challenging. AnswerMTI provides outsourced receptionist services to assist those wanting to look and feel better. Virtual call handling enables your staff to tend to other office tasks more productively and not face a barrage of distractions throughout the day.

What an Answering Service for Cosmetic Surgeons Can Do for You

a live virtual receptionist for plastic surgeonsA patient visiting your office may be seeking cosmetic care or reconstructive surgery. Going under the knife can be scary, and a live answering service allows you to reassure a patient. And when you are talking to a client, you don’t want to rush them through a call, no matter how minor the issue might be. We’ll field other calls so that you can talk them through the process, discuss options and alternatives, and aid them in making the best decision.

Being accessible before and after a client’s procedure is important. A patient may receive instructions on how to care for a surgical site, but not all instructions are easily understood by everyone nor do all guidelines work for every person. With a professional answering service, an agent can talk your patient through anything you’d like to include in your script, or allow time for you to reassure them while handling other incoming calls.

Other benefits of a cosmetic surgeon answering service include:

  • Full HIPAA compliance, so all patient information is protected while our agents tend to their needs.
  • No wait time when a patient wants to reach your office, so there is less frustration for clients looking to make timely decisions.
  • Reduced costs compared to investing in space, equipment, and personnel to field calls in-house all day.
  • Round-the-clock availability, so a client can make their call after work, on the weekend, or to schedule an appointment early in the morning.
  • Service tailored to your requirements; we sound like we are sitting right there in your office..

Every missed call is a patient whose needs aren’t being met. It is important that clients speak to a live person. Being redirected to a voicemail recording does not create a satisfactory experience. But in any situation, if an individual cannot get in touch with your practice in a timely manner, they are very likely to abandon the effort and choose a competitor’s services.

Why AnswerMTI

Our plastic surgeon answering service is available on a month-to-month basis and does not require signing a long-term contract. Choose from our service plans or create a fully customized plan to meet your budget if you require more call time. AnswerMTI is available nationwide. To learn more about our live receptionist services and set up your free trial, call us at 844-798-1027 today.