Answering Services Work for Towing Services


Answering services help towing companies provide reliable service for every stranded driver or car in need of a lift.

Image of a car being towed by a towing service that uses an answering service

Whether it’s a summer road trip or traveling during the holidays, people are making long drives year-round. That means folks are breaking down or getting in auto accidents every single day. This is where towing services come in to save the day. Sometimes they only get a call or two a day they need to respond to. Other days might involve some serious weather and towing services can get dozens of emergency calls. One thing remains constant each day: every call is important. That’s why answering services for towing companies are a crucial piece of the response equation.

24/7 live answering services work for towing services by handling each call no matter when the phone rings around the clock. They follow specific instructions for gathering information about the caller, location, and situation. Then the answering service relays the details to the person in the office or on-call for the towing company.

There are many reasons why answering services play such an integral role in the operation of a towing service. Here are just a couple scenarios that might sound relatable to a towing expert…

1. If someone’s car breaks down or they are in a wreck and need a tow truck to move their disabled vehicle, they will call a local towing company. If nobody answers, they simply move on to the next towing company in the area until they find one who answers the phone, gets their details, and arranges a tow. Answering services for towing services make sure each call is answered quickly and handled so that the caller knows they are in good hands and that help is on the way. Any situation where a car needs a tow is stressful for the driver, but a good towing answering service brings a calm and professional approach to give the caller some peace of mind.

2. Some towing services partner with police or local government as the go-to towing company for the agency. In order for that towing company to maintain their status and get that business, they must make sure that EVERY call from the agency is answered swiftly and a towing technician is dispatched right away. Answering services make sure that towing companies are able to uphold their end of the bargain and sustain that business relationship by providing fast, reliable, consistent support.

Experienced towing answering services have years of serving callers and tow companies. They can customize scripts to fit the unique needs of towing services and they make sure that accurate messages are delivered to the right person in a prompt manner.

Have a reliable answering service work for your towing service and make sure the job gets done right every time. Contact AnswerMTI today for a free consultation!

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