Why Successful Attorneys Use After Hours Answering Services

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During any given day, there’s no telling how many calls an attorney or law firm might receive. A multitude of tasks may make it difficult to take every call. Existing and potential clients may also call after business hours when your office is closed. Devoting more personnel and time to answering phones can strain resources. The solution is using after hours answering services that ensure no call is left unanswered.

What Is an After Hours Answering Service?

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A live answering service ensures that legal calls are answered the first time. Each caller is greeted by a professional call center representative who has been trained in the matters your law firm is most likely to address. The agent can serve as a virtual receptionist and field questions, schedule appointments, patch calls, and provide legal intake. They can even provide bilingual support so your legal practice can serve Spanish-speaking clients.

At AnswerMTI, our after hours answering services for attorneys include online management tools. You can log in to track call volume, review completed intakes, and view messages in real time. Whether your law firm specializes in personal injury, DUI, criminal law, corporate law, or family law, our virtual receptionists are courteous and professional in handling all types of calls.

We offer three affordable lawyer answering service pricing plans with convenient, per-minute rates. Customized plans can be provided as well, especially if your firm requires more receptionist time. Our staff is willing to work with your budget and find a solution that helps your law firm thrive. All plans start with a free trial so you can see how they fit in with your business.

Reasons Law Offices Use After Hours Answering Services

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There are many reasons why your law firm may require call handling support after hours. A defendant who needs advice or legal representation, or a potential client, may have an urgent question or concern at any hour. Here are just a few reasons to sign up with AnswerMTI attorney answering service:

  • Calls Are Often Received After Hours: Missing multiple calls likely means losing clients, who may not have time during the work day to make a phone call or are having immediate issues. Tight legal deadlines can jeopardize the success of a case if a defendant misses them. Our agents can manage urgent issues and forward an important call to you or your staff, day or night.
  • A Legal Answering Service Can Strengthen Your Reputation: An answering service for law offices can help grow your business by providing stellar client support. A legal virtual receptionist can empathize with clients’ needs and is sensitive to their concerns. When clients are happy, they’re likely to recommend, refer, and favorably review your law firm.
  • Virtual Receptionists Can Provide Legal Intake: Whether a client is navigating the early stages of a personal injury claim or has had a run-in with the law, they’ll need legal advice at various steps. A missed call can put them at a disadvantage. Most callers will hang up if their call isn’t answered or they get a voicemail greeting. Trained agents can respond to the call and get the legal intake process started. This is the perfect way to match your law firm with your ideal clients.
  • Your Firm Can Function During Increased Call Volume: You could lose numerous leads if after hours calls are unanswered. High call volume can easily overwhelm your staff, grinding business to a halt. An in-office receptionist can only handle one call at a time; however, no matter how many callers are reaching out, we have remote receptionists available to help.

Why After Hours Answering Services Work for Lawyers

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Live answering services make life easier for lawyers. By having an after hours answering service, attorneys:

  • Spend Less Time Sorting Through Messages: Without the right support, many billable hours can be lost to sorting through caller messages. Virtual receptionists can answer questions, qualify leads, and help with client intake, gathering as much information as possible so lawyers can focus on the case work that matters most.
  • Require Less Workspace and Equipment: A call answering service keeps law offices from having to invest in extra workspace and telephone equipment and hire receptionists. Otherwise, you’d need people working the phones full time, in addition to after hours and on holidays.
  • Can Be More Productive: Trained receptionists can organize and prioritize messages and caller details. A lot goes into building a case and developing a strategy to win it; with an after hours answering service for attorneys, you can focus the time in your day on the items that you deem most important without having to waste productivity catching up on what happened the night before.

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After hours answering services can give your law firm the competitive edge it needs. High-quality customer service is available day or night. At AnswerMTI, our call center professionals are responsive 24/7/365, are based in the U.S., and can take calls for law firms located anywhere in the nation. To learn more about our company and services, pricing, and free trials, call 844-798-1027 today.