Why Choose a Virtual Receptionist Instead of an In-House Receptionist?

Your receptionists accomplish many important tasks. They answer customer calls, and they also schedule appointments, as well as greet visitors and customers. If your receptionists are regularly overwhelmed by all of the tasks they must complete for you in a day, or you simply want another way to answer and process calls, a virtual receptionist service offers many benefits.


They Are Someone Else’s Employee


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Even though virtual receptionists act as an extension of your team, they are not your employees; the company who provides the service to you is the one who takes care of the training they need. They also pay their salaries, sick days, and vacation time. When you choose virtual reception services, all you have to do is select a service level and pay for the time that they spend taking care of your callers.


Available Around the Clock


One of the best things about a 24/7 virtual telephone answering service is that operators don’t stop answering the phones when your business day is done. Instead, they are always available to quickly pick up the phone any time customers call. This offers a multitude of benefits to your business.


Your customers receive the same level of personal service from a professional operator, no matter when they call you. As well, they can transfer calls directly to you or your on-call staff if the call meets your requirements. Otherwise, your messages will be delivered to you in your preferred manner so you can handle anything that needs a follow up at your convenience.


Elevated Business Image


In hiring professional operators to take and process your customer calls, your business image will get a big boost and stand out from the crowd. Because you will be offering the same professional receptionist services as bigger companies in your industry, callers will be so impressed by the level of professionalism and personal service they receive that they won’t need to wonder about how big or small you are.


Always Reliable


You’ve probably asked your in-house receptionist to take on additional tasks when things get busier than normal. However, as efficient as they are, important details can be missed and errors can be made when there is simply too much for one person to do. It’s this kind of situation where a virtual receptionist can bring lots of value and benefit.


A virtual receptionist’s only task is to handle calls without any distractions. This can allow you to assign other tasks to your in-house receptionist without worrying that each and every call is answered and processed. Plus, your in-house receptionist can focus on the task in front of them, take a lunch break, and actually leave at 5 p.m. without feeling overwhelmed or like they are missing anything important.


Finding the Right Virtual Receptionist for Your Business

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There are many companies that offer customized virtual receptionist services. However, the right one will be one with services that are affordable and reliable; a company that ensures every one of its operators receives professional training, and which allows you to adjust the service to meet your requirements. They should also be flexible so that you can get the most out of your plan.


With AnswerMTI virtual receptionist services, you only pay for the time you use; there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts. Our receptionists are trained professionals who are ready to offer your customers friendly and knowledgeable service. Are you ready to experience all the benefits of this service? Contact us today to learn more!