What You Need to Know to Choose the Best Call Answering Service for Your Business

young call center team talking with customers

You have realized the many benefits of a live answering service to handle your calls and have now decided to get this valuable service working for your business. However, you’ve probably discovered that many phone answering service companies exist. How do you possibly choose the right business phone answering service from them all? Here are some simple things to look for to help you pick the best answering service.


Professional Training


The company you hire should ensure its operators have received professional training in not only phone etiquette but also in dealing with problem-solving. It should be able to offer a team of operators who are knowledgeable in your industry, and have a passion for customer service.




In order to broaden your customer base, you need to be able to reach your Spanish-speaking customers. Ensure that the company you’re considering can offer your business bilingual answering services in fluent Spanish and English.


A Variety of Service Levels and Options


Regardless of which business answering services you choose, the company should offer more than one level of service so that you can choose the one that suits your budget best. As well, a company’s ability to offer you a customized level of service is one that will be most capable of growing with your business.


You should also be able to adjust your service level according to your business requirements. For example, during the peak times of your year, you will require a higher service level than during times when business is slower. There also shouldn’t be any hidden fees or confusing/long contracts. Look for transparent pricing and a month-to-month agreement.


Year-Round Service, Around the Clock


Calls don’t stop coming into your business because your office is closed or because it’s a holiday. A company that understands this and can answer calls every day of the year at any time is the company you will want to choose. In addition to handling your calls 24/7, the best answering service company for you will be the one that offers friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service every time they pick up the phone.


The more customization and capabilities an answering service can offer you, the better. If you’ve located a company that will work with you to develop a completely customized script, can screens or forwards calls, sets appointments, take orders, and deliver your messages accurately, it is likely going to be able to offer a lot of value for the money you pay for the service.


They Partner with You

Customer service and support representative with headset


Another mark of a top-quality telephone answering service is how it views you, its customer. Essentially, any professional service will know it does much more than just answer the phone; the operators will also be aware that they are acting as your partner or as an extension of your team. That means answering every call so seamlessly and professionally that callers will never know they are not your in-house employees.


AnswerMTI’s answering services can accomplish all of the above for your business and more. Our agents are 100% U.S.-based, and you can choose from a range of affordable solutions. Discover the difference with AnswerMTI; call 844-798-1027 and get started today.