What Is Call Patching? Can It Benefit My Business?

You have many options for how your customer calls are handled. However, there is one option that saves you money and improves your level of customer care: call patching services. Let’s take a closer look at why this service offers so much value to your business.


Call Patching Is Different

Unlike automated systems which employ recordings and menu options to transfer calls, call patching services are carried out by live receptionists. These trained professionals personally answer every call your business receives and assist each caller with reaching the person or department they need to speak with.


Instead of simply asking who or what extension the caller is looking for, a call patching agent will take the opportunity to obtain more information about what the caller needs. In asking the right questions, the representative gets specific information that allows them to put the caller in touch with exactly the right person.


Agents also screen every call your business receives, recording the name and number of the caller before deciding if the call needs to be transferred. If the preferred individual is unavailable, the agent takes a message.


How Call Patching Benefits Your Business

There are many benefits to offering call patching services to your customers. For one thing, you won’t have to carry the high costs of hiring an in-house receptionist to help callers, because a good call patching service can be outsourced. You also won’t have to take your existing staff members from their jobs to handle customer calls. In having live receptionists take care of callers, your staff members will be able to devote all of their time and attention on their own jobs, increasing efficiency. This ultimately means more time for you, which can be spent on other areas of your business. So you’re saving money on staffing and increasing the productivity of your current team!


Call screening and patching services also make your business incredibly accessible. Instead of callers having to dread endless menu options and recordings, they’ll know that when they call you, they’ll talk to a real person and be able to be connected with the right individual or department whenever they call. Although call patching may seem like a simple service, the truth is that in having agents handle calls instead of computer systems, each call is an opportunity to provide stellar customer service. That sort of personalized service is what builds relationships, increases your customer retention, and even prompts people to speak highly of your company with friends, around town, and across the web!


Professional Call Patching That’s 100% US-Based


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Call patching receptionists can save you money and time and can drastically improve the level of customer service your callers receive. The importance of this service to your business cannot be understated, which is why it’s so important to ensure you choose the right company.


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