What Is a Whistleblower Compliance Hotline?

Fraud costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Having a strategy in place to prevent fraud can not only save your business money but also help you to avoid other negative effects such as legal costs and damage to your reputation. A critical part of any strategy to prevent fraud is making a whistleblower hotline service available to your employees.


Benefits of Having a Whistleblower Hotline


man holding whistle

Aside from the primary benefits a whistleblower hotline service adds to your business, it also offers many other benefits to your employees.


Increased Confidence

In being able to report possible instances of fraud and other misconduct to a confidential third party, your employees will know that an honest and ethical workplace is something you value and take seriously. In knowing this, employees can be assured that their calls will be handled as a top priority.


Higher Morale and Efficiency

Employees who feel comfortable about using the hotline will feel like their experiences and opinions carry more value. This can boost morale and lead to better employee retention. It can also increase employee efficiency.


Quick and Thorough Communication

When an employee uses a hotline service to report misconduct, that report is recorded and processed far more quickly than if it had to be filled out and collected manually. As well, using a third party service allows for immediate, confidential communication of the issue, which can stop fraud in its tracks.


Elimination of Fear

Another benefit to using a live whistleblower hotline service is that it can be completely unbiased and anonymous. When you choose a live agent to answer an employee’s call who doesn’t work for your company and who knows nothing about the goings-on, employees can feel less fearful about reporting incidents.


The fact that this kind of live whistleblower service is completely anonymous can actually inspire employees to use the service any time there is a potential issue rather than waiting until things get truly out of hand. They no longer need to worry about repercussions or becoming involved in the situation. In addition, the live third party agent is a better choice over an automated system, because they can collect more details about the incident and provide a sympathetic ear.


Benefits of Using an Outsourced Hotline Service


Unlike in-house staff, agents of an outsourced hotline service do not know your employees personally. This makes it far easier for agents to remain objective about the information they receive.


As well, these live agents have already been professionally trained to obtain all of the necessary details and report them thoroughly and accurately. Finally, because they aren’t your employees, live agents won’t cost you additional funds for hiring, training, and insurance.


If your goal is to have a complete strategy for eliminating costly fraud in your business and putting a stop to other types of unethical behavior, a top-quality employee hotline answering service is a critical component. AnswerMTI’s whistleblower hotline service allows your employees to report incidences 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our agents are 100% U.S.-based, and can also include service for Spanish-speaking employees.


Discover all of the benefits of having outsourced, professional live agents to receive and process employee incident reports. Call AnswerMTI today at 844-798-1027.