What Do Answering Services Do?

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An answering service answers incoming phone calls on behalf of other businesses. They can quickly provide customer service for a caller who has a toothache, backed-up toilet, or computer malfunction, even after business hours.

Answering services are used by all types of companies – medical professionals, contractors, attorneys, large corporations, and solo entrepreneurs. In fact, any company can depend on a live answering service to manage incoming phone calls around the clock.

Although not a new concept, answering services include more features than ever before. The capabilities, equipment, and technology continue to evolve. Automated answering services are limited in their capabilities and people generally don’t like using them, but a live answering service does more than provide general information and allow someone to leave a message. Instead, it provides a personal and flexible alternative that offers a more professional touch.

Whether during call overflow or if you’re in a meeting, on a business trip, vacation, or have gone home for the day, an answering service can do the following:

Answer Incoming Calls

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Your live answering service provider can assist customers any time of day. The effect can be increased productivity whether you’re in a meeting or in the field. With no extra payroll, workspace, equipment, and HR demands, you save numerous expenses. Struggling to answer every call doesn’t interfere with service quality, and there’s no need to hire full-time employees to answer calls during peak times, so you:

  • Never miss a call.
  • Capture every sales opportunity.
  • Ensure every customer is satisfied.

Improve Customer Service

Missing phone calls can reflect poorly on any type of business. You want your customers to feel you are looking out for them and are in control. An answering machine doesn’t help your image. Yet having someone there, always ready to address your clients’ needs and concerns, can provide the competitive advantage your business needs to grow. When guaranteed a human will answer, your customers will be more likely to return to and recommend your business.

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Order Processing

When ordering a product or service, most people still believe a phone call is the best way to reach a business. An answering service can handle orders after you’ve closed up shop for the day and even on the weekend. You can, therefore, capture every order as it comes in.

Appointment Scheduling

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Handling an influx of appointments and managing your calendar can be difficult when facing a number of other tasks, but a live operator can pick up the phone for you and schedule appointments with patients, customers, and clients, as well as business partners. Virtual receptionists essentially take care of your scheduling needs without you taking a single minute off from running your company.

Unlimited Call Scripting

Unlimited call scripting is an added advantage. AnswerMTI empowers receptionists to take any call for any type of business. We can assist customers with any request and help those who may be in one of a wide variety of situations. Proprietary software enables our team to provide the most flexible service possible.

Call Patching

Our team can screen calls and transfer the most important ones directly to you. Calls can be forwarded to other professionals and departments as well. Despite working at our office instead of yours, our agents can transfer calls instantly, filtering out unwanted/unnecessary calls and speeding up response times.

Bilingual Answering

A bilingual telephone answering service provider can assist a more diverse range of customers. Our customer support professionals can serve the Spanish-speaking community. Contractors, doctors, attorneys, contractors, and small businesses can serve individuals whose primary language isn’t English, and with the same level of attention and dedication.

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