What Can a 24-Hour Answering Service Do for Your Business?

As a business owner, you already realize that your relationships with your customers are your number-one priority. This means both nurturing those relationships and offering the best possible customer service. Can your automated answering system do that? If not, it’s time to consider these benefits of a 24-hour answering service.


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Makes Customers Feel Valued


You may pride yourself on responding to customer calls quickly, but during busy times of the year, many calls may be forwarded to voicemail or placed on hold simply because they can’t all be answered by your receptionist.


Now, imagine the difference when a customer calls your inquiries line and is greeted after only a couple of rings by a real person who knows all about your business and can give the customer the needed information right away, even if they call in the middle of the night. This is the difference that an answering service can make to your business.


Gives You More Time


One of the best things about a live telephone answering service is that it gives you more time to devote to your customers. How? Professional operators can do much more than just answer the phones; they can also set appointments, process orders, and prioritize your messages, and do it all while you sleep so that you can spend more time during the day improving the products and services your customers already love.


Saves You Money


Live operators can also save you money in many different ways, allowing you to put more money into other aspects of your business, such as customer incentives. Because the service is outsourced, you don’t pay for the wages, sick time, or benefits for any of the representatives; you only pay for the level of service you’ve chosen. You also don’t have to install any expensive technology or hire new staff.


Makes You Stand Out


In these days, when automated phone systems are everywhere, live operators are a unique offering. These agents are also professionally trained and answer the phone within a couple of rings. Even if you’re a small business, this top-quality customer service will definitely help you stand above the competition.


Helps Generate Leads


In addition to nurturing existing customer relationships, an answering service also helps generate leads. Operators are representatives of your brand, and, as such, can help turn new callers into customers. They can also up-sell your products to existing customers as they nurture these relationships.


Start Getting New Customer Insights Today


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With live operators working for you around the clock, you can gather valuable feedback from your customers and use this feedback to improve your customer service. The great news is that you can start implementing this service right now.


AnswerMTI offers several levels of 24-hour telephone answering service. Our highly flexible packages allow you to choose a higher service level when call volumes are up, and to reduce your service during slower times of the year. You only pay for what you use, and there are never any hidden fees. Call 1-844-798-1027 to get started today.