Staying on Top of Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry

The main goal of every hospitality business is to give customers the best experience possible. The best way to stay on top of customer service is to make a great impression every single time. Here are the many ways you can create loyal customers and develop streams of new customers who’ll keep coming back to stay with you time and again.

Start Off on the Right Foot

hand opening the door with door handle

A new customer’s first experience with you will color all of their future experiences. If they have trouble getting in touch with you or don’t feel as though their needs were met, they may not call back. Having a dedicated hospitality answering service can benefit your business, as those who answer your phones do only that, significantly reducing the risk of caller dissatisfaction.

A definite benefit of inbound call support is that your front desk staff will no longer have to split their time between guests on the phone and those who are waiting at the front desk for service.

Training Is Key

Professional execution of all of the services you offer is necessary for your establishment to succeed. To that end, training employees to offer the highest quality of service with each interaction is an absolute must. Although you will have to invest significantly in this, you can also get individuals who’ve already been trained by outsourcing with a hotel answering service.

Outsourcing allows you to instantly offer experienced receptionists to answer your calls, all without having to hire new employees or train existing ones at a high cost to you. In choosing this kind of service for your hotel, you benefit from agents who can start answering customer calls immediately, and all you have to do is choose your ideal service level.

Offer Unexpected Perks

What have you been doing lately to win your guests over? This is another way to ensure you’re on top of your customer service. Offering random discounts, extending guest check-outs and ensuring there’s a surprise gift waiting for them when they get to their room are all great ways to under-promise and over-deliver.

Let Them Speak

In the hospitality business, you must ensure customer satisfaction not only from start to finish but beyond. A plan should be in place to give customers a voice. When you choose answering services specializing in hotel, this can be handled on an expert level. Because they’re outsourced, live agents can provide your guests with a confidential way to express their thoughts.

Customer-Oriented Service That Works

Call center worker accompanied by her team.

By giving guests a great first impression, professional service, nice surprises and a way to give their feedback, you’ll enjoy great reviews and full rooms. Adding professional receptionist services from AnswerMTI can have many benefits; you’ll exceed caller expectations, and also save money without sacrificing quality. Guests will always be able to reach you and get the answers they need.

AnswerMTI helps you keep on top of customer service with a range of service levels. Learn more by calling (844) 798-1027.