Make the Most of Your Busy Season with an Answering Service

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If you run a company, you know the busiest season in any given year. Likewise, some industries have regular busy seasons, and you most likely know these seasons can make or break you.

When preparing for the next busy season, you must prioritize lead capturing. You can capture 100% of your new leads by investing in seasonal telephone answering services.

A business answering service will give you the call coverage you need. Plus, you won’t overwork your staff or hire customer service workers for only a few weeks or months.

Who Can Use a Seasonal Answering Service?

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Any business regardless of the size—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies can benefit from using a seasonal answering service. Using this service, you can provide your customers, vendors, and others with everything they need without losing your valuable resources. Besides, using this service is easier than you may think.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using a seasonal answering service:

Makes a Good First Impression

During the busy season, you expect new leads to call your business. Ensure you give your leads a good first impression with a professional answering service. The receptionist will answer phones, greet callers with a friendly voice, answer simple questions, and save you time and money.

Handles Overflow During Business Hours

During the busy season, you may receive more calls than your in-house receptionist can reasonably keep up with. Unfortunately, this means people will be put on hold and calls will be missed. Virtual receptionists can help your business prevent such situations by ensuring every caller talks to a live person.

90% of your customers prefer talking with a live person, and they will feel more satisfied when their calls are answered.

Provides an Affordable Solution

An answering service will provide your business with a more affordable solution you can use during the busy season and beyond. You won’t have to hire or train new employees—and you’ll only pay for the exact coverage you need.

Your Customers Get the Best Care

During those busy seasons, your staff members will most likely struggle to keep up with the high volume of calls. With the extra pressure, they may not be able to focus on and treat each customer as they should, which may result in lost business. But when you partner with an answering service, your receptionists will dedicate their energy and listening skills to each caller. This will go a long way in helping grow your business.

How Does a Seasonal Answering Service Work?

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If you’re interested in providing all your callers with exceptional customer service, a quality answering service can help. This service can provide your business the extra support it needs during the busy seasons, such as holidays or the summer.

Here’s how a seasonal customer support service works and what you should expect:

  • Setup: When you partner with an answering service, the provider will ask you some questions to help them understand your business. For instance, the service provider will want to know what information the phone representatives can share with callers.
  • Prompt answering services: Phone calls to your company will be redirected to live agents representing your telephone service. The call representatives will manage incoming calls. They can also answer basic questions, schedule appointments, take messages, route calls, and perform other customer service

Which Types of Businesses Use Summer Answering Services?

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Businesses of all types and sizes can partner with a seasonal business answering service. But some businesses experience a spike in customer flow during the summer. During this time, they may need the help of an answering service to manage the call volume.

Some of the businesses that should consider partnering with an answering service during summer include:

  • Lawn care and landscaping companies
  • Personal training businesses
  • HVAC service contractors
  • Educational institutions
  • Outdoor guide and travel businesses
  • Moving businesses
  • Canoe and kayak rental businesses
  • Golf courses

Which Types of Businesses Use Winter Answering Services?

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Some businesses boom during the colder months and holiday season, and planning is critical if you run such a business.

Hiring more employees can also be challenging. However, you can cut costs by partnering with an answering service to balance the influx of calls.

Here are some of the most common businesses that use a call center in the winter:

  • Auto repair: During the cold season, car owners visit auto repair shops for general inspection, maintenance, and tire changes. The poor road conditions in the winter make car maintenance essential, especially when travelers make holiday trips. An answering service can help you keep up with calls.
  • Medical offices: The winter season comes with colds and flu every year. Therefore, medical office business owners may need additional call representatives for appointment scheduling and answering calls.
  • Hotels and ski resorts: In 2021 alone, there were approximately 59 million snowboarder and skier visits in the U.S. While some people travel to warm-weather destinations in the winter, others seek cold weather and snow. A seasonal answering service can help you answer calls and book appointments.

Improve Business Efficiency With a Seasonal Telephone Answering Service Solution From AnswerMTI

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Helping your business make the most of your busy season is our mission. We are a leading telephone answering service that receives incoming calls on your behalf. This means you can streamline your workflow, optimize your communication, and increase your profits.

If your phone answering needs change throughout the year, a partnership with our friendly remote receptionists should be on your radar.