Make a Good First Impression with Help from a Hospitality Answering Service

The phone at the front desk of your motel, hotel, or bed and breakfast is ringing, yet you have several people standing in front of you waiting to either check in or check out. Do you make the people in line wait even longer so you can pick up the phone, or do you answer the phone and put the caller on hold?

Hospitality Answering Service

This type of situation is one that occurs quite frequently in the hospitality industry. Your front desk staff has to balance taking care of the guests already at your resort and phone calls from potential guests that have questions or need assistance in booking a room.

If you ignore your current guests, you are sending a message that callers are more important to you than paying customers. This could drastically affect future repeat visits from your guests because you will make a bad impression with them.

On the other hand, not picking up the phone or having callers wait on hold for an excessive amount of time also makes a bad first impression. Those first impressions are always the most important in a customer’s mind, whether they are visiting your website, calling on the phone, or standing right in front of you.

The easiest way to make sure your front desk staff is able to devote their attention to guests already at your resort and not have to worry about answering phone calls is to get help from our hospitality answering service. Our virtual receptionists answer all calls using a customized script that you help create.

Your callers will have no idea they are speaking with an answering service and will believe they are talking directly to a front desk person at your resort. In addition, if you provide us access to specific details, guest folios, and other databases, we can provide additional support, including:

  • Providing current guest folio balances.
  • Booking and confirming reservations.
  • Calling, texting, or emailing guests reminders about upcoming stays.
  • Driving directions to your resort.
  • Collecting and processing payments for hotel stays and folio accounts.
  • Answering current guests’ calls when they require housekeeping service, room service, additional towels, or are reporting a maintenance issue and notify the proper department.
  • Answering questions about pool hours, spa hours, gift shop hours, and other onsite amenities, businesses, and services you offer at your resort.

Hospitality Answering Service

Plus, we can provide bilingual support, so your callers who speak Spanish can speak in their native language when asking questions and making their reservations. Offering this option further creates an even better first impression with callers considering a stay at your resort.

You never have to worry about making the right first impression when you get help answering your inbound calls using our answering services for the hospitality industry. Contact AnswerMTI at 1-800-673-2000 for more information and discover how we can improve your guest experience today!