In Today’s Instant Gratification Society, 24/7 Availability Is a Business Must

Today’s customers are no longer willing to wait until a business is open to get what they want; if they can’t get it from your business, they will simply go to your competitor. When you add an after-hours answering service to your marketing strategy, this can be prevented.

Always Connected

young man looking into a tablet

In the old days, connection to the internet would require being chained to a desk. Now, our laptops, cell phones, tablets, and even our vehicles are always online, allowing us to give and receive information anywhere at any time.

What is instant gratification? It begins with the human instinct to act upon something called the “pleasure principle.” When we feel the need to satisfy our wants, and then do so, we get positive feedback. When our wants aren’t satisfied, we get negative feedback.

In today’s connected society, we are always acting on the pleasure principle, gratifying our needs as soon as they manifest. One way many businesses use this phenomenon effectively is by offering online shopping.

Make Every Second Count

Our modern society allows us to get a lot done in a short period of time. That’s where being always available ties in. An online store and a social media presence will allow your customers to get information any time they want it, and so will adding 24/7 answering service. Live answering will help you to build trust with your customers, right from the first call. However, they’re not all the same.

Automated vs. Live Answering

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You’ve probably experienced automated answering before. You get a recording that prompts you to press a certain button, which takes you to a menu of more choices. It can be efficient, but, in terms of instant gratification, not so much.

Now picture getting your call answered right away by a real person who can give you the answers you need right away and also provide your customers with the information they need, no matter when they call. That’s the power of a live answering service.

These days, person-to-person contact isn’t as common as it once was. That’s exactly why your business can benefit from a live receptionist. A customer who expects a recording at 2 a.m. but gets a live person instead will be pleasantly surprised and will remember your business because of this.

Customer Calls are Always Answered by a Professional

Choosing live service means connecting each customer to a professional receptionist. These receptionists have been formally trained to not only answer the call in a professional manner but also provide individual attention. They empathize with the caller and provide the solutions they seek.

A Better Bottom Line

Because these live receptionists are located outside of your business, there’s no requirement to pay their salary, insurance, or vacation time. You only pay a flat rate for the level of service you need.

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