How Using A Hospitality Answering Service Benefits Guests And Staff

Whether it’s a small bed and breakfast or a large hotel, your establishment is dedicated to keeping guests happy. However, this must occur even before they walk through your doors. If prospective guests have any difficulty getting in touch with your business, they will likely stay someone else. Here’s how a hospitality answering service can prevent this from occurring.


Professional Operators Ready to Answer Your Calls


Reception Desk Bell

Live answering services for hotels are available for your business around the clock. These professional operators have been trained to answer and process all kinds of hospitality calls. Working from another location, they can provide directions, rate information to guests, make bookings, take messages and even make suggestions for local entertainment and restaurants.


Personal Service at the Front Desk


At one time or another, we’ve all had to wait at a hotel’s front desk while a staff member was finishing up on the phone with a booking or request. With an inbound hospitality answering service, there’s no need to keep guests waiting. The service answers incoming calls from new and current guests, books reservations, and provides information about your establishment to callers. This frees up staff, allowing them to devote more time to guests at the desk for a phenomenal customer experience.


No One Is Placed on Hold


Guests who may have tried to get in touch with your hotel or inn during busy times or at odd hours may have been put on hold, sent to voicemail or forced to call back. With a professional hospitality answering service, this never has to happen. A live operator is always there to answer the phone quickly, no matter what time of day or night the call comes in. This level of personal service and availability will make your accommodations stand out from the rest.


Top-Quality Customer Service, Always


Because of their professional training, live operators are always knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. They are well-versed in handling all kinds of calls, from general inquiries to problem-solving, and callers will remember the top-quality customer service and personal attention they received from you.


How to Get Professional Live Operators for Your Establishment


Call Center Agents

It’s incredibly easy to get all of the benefits of live answering service for your business. Because the answering service company has already taken care of it, there’s no need for you to purchase and set up any phone systems or other technology. All you have to do is choose a service level that fits your budget and good answering service with experience in the hospitality industry will help you customize a plan.


You can also change your service level according to the volume of calls you will be receiving. Increase your service level during busy times of the year, and decrease it when the rate of your bookings slows down. There is nothing as easy, flexible, or affordable as a live answering service for inns and hotels.


A Nationwide Leader for Live Answering Service


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