How to Unforward Calls

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a great tool that allows you to be available when your office phone system is overloaded or it’s after business hours, but what do you do when you need to turn it off? We will explain how to unforward calls on an iPhone, Android, or landline.

How to Cancel Call Forwarding on an iPhone

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To unforward incoming calls on an iPhone or other iOS device, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Settings app.
  2. Tap “Phone.”
  3. Tap “Call Forwarding.”
  4. Swipe button to the left to turn forwarding off.

How to Turn Off Call Forwarding on an Android Phone

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  1. Launch the “Phone” app.
  2. Locate and tap the “Menu” icon at the top right corner.
  3. Tap “Settings” (or “Call Settings” if it’s an older device).
  4. Tap “Calls.”
  5. Tap “Call Forwarding” and select “Turn Off” beside any forwarding options that are on.

How to Unforward Calls on a Landline

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The process for unforwarding phone calls will be different, depending on your carrier.

AT&T: Dial #21# and wait for confirmation.
T-Mobile: Dial ##21#.
Traditional landline: Dial *73.
Verizon: Dial *73 and wait for a series of beeps.
US Cellular: Dial *720, press Call, and wait for the confirmation tone.

Is There an Alternative to Call Forwarding?

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Busy businesses that don’t have receptionists may find themselves having to start and stop call forwarding several times a day. However, having a secretary to answer phones can incur high costs that may not be feasible. So what is an efficient and affordable alternative?

Virtual receptionists, also called live agents, are trained professionals who can handle all of your calls, seamlessly and affordably.

What Kinds of Calls Can Virtual Receptionists Handle?

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Virtual receptionists are trained to handle a wide variety of calls. In fact, you can choose virtual receptionists that are trained in specific industries! For example, let’s say that you own a plumbing business and have decided to have your calls forwarded to a virtual receptionist after hours to handle emergencies.

When a customer calls with a plumbing emergency, your receptionist can empathize and respond with basic solutions for handling the issue until your business reopens.

They can also schedule an appointment for the customer, as well as take notes regarding the particular problem the customer is experiencing. This can all be happening while you are getting much-needed rest for the next day!

Why Choose Virtual Receptionists over Call Forwarding Features?

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There are many reasons to choose live answering from virtual receptionists.

Focus on Your Business

A main reason is your business’s health; customer service is a top priority for every business, but you simply cannot answer every customer call that comes in. Virtual receptionists can handle your customer calls even after business hours, allowing you to place your focus on your business.

Connection, Guaranteed

Having virtual receptionists in place gives you and your customers peace of mind; you never have to worry about not being able to connect with your customer, and your customer never has to feel like they are unable to reach you.

Already-Trained Professionals

Another reason to choose virtual receptionists is their skills; unlike a new employee who must go through a training program to become qualified, your virtual receptionists have already received the professional training they need from their company.

A Human Connection

Virtual receptionists offer a personal touch that other methods simply can’t offer. Instead of being greeted by impersonal recordings and seemingly endless menu options, your customers get to speak with a real person, right from the second their call is answered.

Slash Costs

The cost to hire virtual receptionists comes in at a fraction of that to hire a traditional receptionist. This is because, just like their training, virtual receptionists receive a salary, benefits, and similar items from their employer. Your only obligation is to pay for the service.

No Surprises

Life happens to all of us. Emergencies or illness can arise, leaving you without a receptionist until they can return. With virtual receptionist services, someone is always there to answer your calls, so customers never have to deal with a delayed response to their concerns.

As well, when you decide to activate your service, you pay only for the level you choose; there are never any hidden or increased fees on your bill.

How Do You Get Started with Virtual Receptionists?

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The best way to get started with virtual reception is to find an established and experienced company.

AnswerMTI possesses over 30 years of experience in reliable answering services. All of our fully trained professionals are U.S.-based and ready to start handling your customer calls now; get started today.