How to Prepare for Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday takes place the day after Black Friday. Are you prepared to capitalize when the spotlight is on local businesses? Here is how you can prepare to take advantage of Small Business Saturday.

Image of a record store preparing for Small Business Saturday

Black Friday is the day you wake up early and navigate of maze of rabid shoppers who are trying to get a low-quality TV for 40% off while you try to find the great deal on socks at Target. Cyber Monday is the day all the people who stayed away from the madness of Black Friday get their deals while still in their pajamas. Sure, both are good opportunities to get some goods on the cheap. But what about that day in the middle when you can get a great deal, support local businesses, and interact with your community? It’s time to give more love to Small Business Saturday.

Ok, so you’re a shopper who wants to do some serious buying over the few days after Thanksgiving. That’s all well and good, but here is how you can prepare to get the most out of Small Business Saturday and give those mom and pop shops some love.

1. Do your homework

Find out which of your favorite local stores are taking part in Small Business Saturday and what kind of deals they will be offering. Call them up, visit their website, look for promotional emails from them. Local businesses who are doing SBS right will promote their participation and deals the week leading up to the big day, so just make sure you are paying attention, asking questions, and digging up info to find out where you should shop in your community.

2. Do more homework

Ok, so you can’t help but notice Best Buy is going to have screaming deals on Black Friday and Amazon will have some steals on Cyber Monday. It’s ok to want in on that action too, so go ahead and research the deals that will be out there on those days. Now that you have all this information, you can…

3. Make a plan

So you’ve got your eye on Black Friday deals on jackets, a camera, and some new albums. But wait! Amazon is going to have an even better deal on cameras on Cyber Monday and your local record store is having a great promotion on Small Business Saturday. Now you can get in on all the action, get the best deals, and support a local business. If you’re up for a challenge, try to find all the items on your holiday shopping list at stores around your town on Small Business Saturday. This requires a little more homework and planning, but wouldn’t you rather support your neighbor rather than the CEO of Walmart?

4. Share your SBS success

Tell your friends about the great deals you found around town on Small Business Saturday. Post a picture of you shopping a fun local shop with your family. Encouraging others to get out there on Small Business Saturday will get more people in the door of a local company that day, which will only enable them to offer more and better deals next year.

Small Business Saturday is a great concept and we hope anyone who has some holiday shopping to do right after Thanksgiving chooses to partake in shining the spotlight on our local businesses.

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