How to Improve Your University’s Reputation

Attracting students is at the core of a university’s success. It’s vital when those top students are selecting a university that your institution is ready to welcome them with a virtual receptionist and the reputation for excellence that they value. Even with the ongoing pandemic, it remains vital for colleges to put their best foot forward so that they can come back stronger than ever once restrictions are lifted.

Why Reputation Is Important for Academic Institutions

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Perceived quality has nearly as much impact on a university’s success as actual quality. The reputation of an academic institution has a profound impact on its place in various university rankings, the number of applications it attracts, and the funding it receives.

Much like the reputation of some of the world’s leading brands, your university’s reputation must be carefully analyzed and managed to attract top-tier students, professors, donors, grants, etc. How can you actively manage the reputation of your university?

Listen to the Needs of Students and Staff

Even if your university currently has a stellar reputation, it’s important not to get complacent. Keeping an ear to the ground and ensuring your students are happy goes a long way toward maintaining that reputation you have worked so hard for over the years.

Actively seeking continuous feedback from applicants, students, and staff can help you stay ahead of emerging issues that have the potential to damage your reputation.

To make sure gathering feedback is worth your while, it’s vital to understand what contributes to your reputation in the first place, whether that is course availability, content, campus amenities, accommodations, or any other factors.

Regular collection of survey responses in various settings can help you build a picture of what to look out for and to see where performance is slipping.

Last, it’s important to act on the feedback you receive. If common threads are emerging, take action to improve and deliver on student and staff expectations.

Build Your Brand on Social Media

It’s rare to find an organization these days that does not have some sort of social media presence, and that includes universities. Maintaining an active presence on social media can help to define your university’s brand and promote those elements that have contributed to your reputation.

Social media content that can help boost your university’s reputation includes:

  • Research results
  • Awards and achievements
  • Student content (graduations, celebrations, etc.)
  • Study abroad programs
  • Staff profiles
  • Photos of a picturesque campus
  • Profiles of notable past students or achievements
  • Past and present student testimonials

Improve Your University’s Reputation with an Answering Service

Communication is an important component of successfully managing your university’s reputation. Think of your students, potential students, parents, and anyone else who contacts your academic institution as a customer. Aim to provide exceptional service and consistently superior communication at all times.

AnswerMTI Can Help

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A phone answering service for universities can help ensure that no phone call goes unanswered and that all callers receive the information they need. With a team of virtual receptionists working from tailored scripts and the ability to connect callers to the right people, your university’s reputation will never be tarnished by poor communication.

Contact AnswerMTI today to see how our virtual receptionist service can help maintain your university’s reputation.