How to Be Available to Your Customers 24/7

Today’s customers want more than just to purchase your products or services; they also want around-the-clock access. Technology allows business owners to provide that access in a number of ways, including via after-hours answering service.

Renovate Your Online Properties

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A good way to ensure you’re always providing the best customer access is to take a look at your website, social media accounts, and e-commerce store. Are you offering customers updated contact information and various ways to get in touch when they visit? Could your business phone answering or social media response times be improved? Giving these properties an overhaul can go a long way toward improving your availability to customers.

Anticipate and Act on Concerns

No business has customers without concerns, but, when you are able to anticipate those concerns and then act immediately to address them, this will show the customer that you are thinking of them, no matter what time it may be.

Perhaps an unavoidable circumstance is going to delay deliveries. Or maybe you need to update your business policy or will be away for a period of time. Whatever the situation, giving customers access to updates on your website or social media profiles will allow them to update their own schedules, which they will appreciate.

Expand Your Staff and Hours

By adding new members to your staff, your business can provide customers with significantly more access to you during business hours. However, a company can also greatly increase its customer access—and its revenues—when it expands to 24-hour operation.

However, if expanding in these ways, you’ll want to be sure to have experienced managers present who can oversee night shifts when you cannot be there.

Outsourcing the Help You Need

Because of the high and sometimes prohibitive costs of searching for, hiring, training, and paying for full-time employees, many companies opt to outsource this help instead. Outsourcing is an ideal way to increase customer access while significantly reducing costs, but, in order to effectively provide this service to customers, it’s important to choose experienced individuals who can efficiently handle a variety of potential situations.

Get a 24/7 Answering Service

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Answering services are ideal for improving customer access because they give customers a way to get in touch with you any time they need to. Automated systems that offer a range of menu options is one way to increase access but may not offer much help if customers call after hours.

An after-hours call answering service with live receptionists, on the other hand, will ensure that a real person always picks up the phone. These outsourced and trained professionals can offer a level of access and personal service that your customers won’t soon forget.

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