How to Accelerate My Law Firm via Attorney Answering Services

As a busy law firm, you may not have the time or the staff to handle all of the calls you receive. It’s true that an automated answering system can move calls through to the right department, but can they allow your clients to speak with a real person after the first couple of rings? If you answered no, then it’s time to consider an attorney answering service.

The Benefits of Live Answering Service

There are many differences between automated answering systems and a 24-hour remote receptionist for attorneys. Where automated systems force clients to navigate robotic menu options or wait in a queue, a real person is at the other end, with a live answering service, to answer the phone every time.

An automated system will direct client calls to the right department, but disconnections can occur along the way that only cause frustration. Live services, on the other hand, don’t require clients to deal with unexpected hang-ups. Instead, their questions are answered by a real person, right away.

Cold and impersonal automated systems can cause clients to question their importance to your firm. The agents in live answering services are professional, friendly, and empathetic, treating every call as a top priority.

How Having a Live Answering Elevates Your Law Firm

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Larger firms have the staff to handle their calls (at least during normal business hours). If you’re a smaller firm, having a live answering service can give the impression that you’re larger or more established that you might actually be. This is because it creates the appearance that you have the resources and professionalism to dedicate a receptionist to answering every call.

In order to ensure your clients are happy, you have to be available. Answering service for attorneys and law firms gives you that. Operators can be available to take client calls at any time, even if it’s 3 a.m. This can make a significant difference to your clients, who can speak with a real person and be assured that they are important and will be either directed to where they can get help or called back as soon as possible.

Because the service is customizable, your virtual receptionists can do as little or as much as you wish when clients call. For example, in addition to answering and directing client calls, live agents can also qualify potential clients and schedule appointments. This allows you to focus on the most important cases whenever you’re in the office and also gives you the ability to relax after you’ve left for the day.

Get Top-Quality Live Agents Today

There is no doubt that having live receptionists answer the phones at your firm can have many benefits, both to your clients and to your business. AnswerMTI has been offering professional live receptionist service for attorneys for over 30 years.

When you choose AnswerMTI, you are choosing a company whose receptionists are 100% U.S.-based. Simply choose a level of service and pay for that level without any surprises. Discover why law firms choose AnswerMTI when they require reliable and professional 24-hour attorney answering service. Call us to learn more: 844-798-1027.