How Call Answering Services Benefit the Hospitality Industry

A sure sign of a successful hospitality business is a busy front desk, but is it too busy? If your staff numbers aren’t sufficient to ensure guests at the desk are served and each call is being answered right away, you are placing your venture at risk. As a hospitality business, you need to do everything possible to ensure your guests are satisfied. A call answering service can help.

female call representative smiling on the phone

What Is a Call Answering Service?

Perhaps it’s best to begin by talking about what a call answering service is not.  A call answering service isn’t a recorded message giving the caller instructions. It isn’t a series of digital pathways that require the caller to choose from a dizzying array of options that never get them to a live person, either.

A call answering service sees callers being greeted by a warm, friendly, and professional live representative each and every time they call, no matter what time of the day or night that call is made.

How Can a Live Answering Service Benefit You?

A live answering service is much more than a way to accept reservations at your establishment.

Reservation Changes and Payment

A guest may need to cancel or make changes to their reservation. A live answering service can take care of this for them. As well, this service can be utilized to accept payment for reservations over the phone and provide callers with various information requests.

Personal Service for Existing Guests

When your staff members don’t need to be confined to the reception desk, they can provide guests with personal service in various forms. For example, staff can greet guests as they enter, and personally answer any questions they may have. They can also ensure that meeting rooms are organized and self-serve areas like coffee bars and buffet areas are always well-stocked.

Not only that but, if guests need in-room supplies or maintenance is required in an area of your establishment, a live answering service can be utilized for these situations as well. 

Professional Operators for Large and Small Establishments

It doesn’t matter if you run a family inn or a large resort; adding a live answering service means that every caller receives personal, informative service, even in the busiest of seasons. In these days where automated systems are so common, personal service can leave a lasting impression that results in more bookings to your establishment and a healthy bottom line.

Reduced Stress and Worry

Knowing that every call to your establishment is being handled personally and professionally can relieve a lot of frustration.

With this kind of service, you never have to worry about shuffling staff to try to handle incoming calls. You also won’t have to worry about any call going unanswered.

female call representative on desk

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