How an Attorney Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

As an attorney, a typical day may involve hours out of the office and lots of time tied up with meetings and casework. Meanwhile, your current and potential clients could be trying to reach you. Are they forced to choose from frustrating recorded options, do they get sent to your voicemail, or is your receptionist having trouble keeping up with the volume of calls? If any of these circumstances sounds familiar, your callers may not be getting what they need from you. In a time when competition between legal firms is fiercer than ever, losing even one client is unacceptable. An attorney answering service can be your solution.


How an Attorney Answering Service Works


Lawyer answering services use live receptionists to handle all of your client calls in real time, without having to place anyone on hold or forcing clients to leave a voicemail. With this type of service, clients never have to wait for someone to answer the phone. Acting as an extension of your business, this service can be used by any attorney or legal firm, whether you practice corporate, criminal, personal injury, immigration, or any other branch of law.


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Specialized Service


The agents who answer calls for your attorney answering service are trained professionals. Unlike general answering services, those operators who work for attorneys have a familiarity and experience with common law terminology. As such, they are able to categorize calls according to case type. These individuals can answer client questions with confidence and professionalism, providing all types of information about your business. As well, agents can also communicate in Spanish, allowing you to expand your reach.


After-Hours Answering


Because a 24-hour remote receptionist for attorneys operates around the clock, your office never has to be closed to your clients. This can offer them a great deal of relief. Even though they may not be able to speak to an attorney at the time of their call, they can still speak with real, empathetic and professional operators who will assure them that their message will be communicated clearly and promptly or their calls will be redirected to the right people. Lawyers without an after-hours attorney answering service also risk losing new clients who will call different offices until they speak to someone and are assured their case is going to be taken care of.


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Call Filtering and Prioritization


Trying to process and prioritize calls can take your team away from important casework. An attorney answering service can filter calls according to priority, allowing you to address urgent calls first and return other calls at your convenience. This level of service ensures that you are only interrupted when it’s truly important and that you can otherwise stay focused on the work at hand.


Completely Customizable for Cost-Effectiveness


If your receptionist finds it difficult to field client calls during busy times, you may have had to resort to hiring additional staff or may have asked your other staff members to leave their regular tasks temporarily to help with reception. Both scenarios can cost you. Hiring legal answering services means you get a fully customized solution that is available when you want it. And you only pay for what you use, which offers huge cost savings when compared to hiring in-house.


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