How a Real Estate Answering Service Helps Build Relationships

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Real estate professionals are accustomed to high volumes of phone calls. Whether you’re in the office or at a showing, inquiries can seem nonstop, but you cannot afford to miss a call. The market moves fast and neglecting phone calls can hurt your business and reputation. A real estate answering service will make sure prospects and clients get the attention they deserve.

At AnswerMTI, our trained agents are prepared to take calls 24/7 and work with real estate businesses of all sizes. These include national brands and independent realtors. Buyers, sellers, and investors frequently have questions and demands. They must be able to reach you at all times, and that’s where we come in. In the real estate industry, telephone calls are your lifeline.

We’ll now outline five reasons you should be using a real estate answering service to decide if it’s right for you:

Top 5 Benefits of a Real Estate Answering Service

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Sometimes it’s a buyer’s market. Sometimes it’s a seller’s market. No matter how the economy is doing, clients always need you for help tackling challenging goals. A friendly human voice on the phone reassures them someone’s on their side. Outsourcing your telephone support can help in the following ways:

1.   Every Caller Feels Valuable

Consistency is the key to a successful business model. Every day, there may be inquiries you’re expecting and those that come out of the blue. If you’re working on commission, one phone call can lead to thousands of dollars in your pocket, but value goes both ways in this business. Callers need to feel valued, as they’re pursuing perhaps the largest investment there is—a new home.

2.   Faster Response Time

Nobody likes to wait for someone to answer the phone. Real estate prospects are notoriously busy and impatient. They may have a list in front of them, dialing each number until someone answers. If they pass by your number, it’s a missed opportunity and lost revenue.

Our representatives answer the phone immediately and address each caller’s needs. Whether they want to see a property, receive an appraisal, or have any other questions, they get the best customer service possible. In a fast-paced world, speed gives you a competitive edge.

3.   Improved Image and Reputation

The image you present is critical. If a current or prospective client feels like they’re being taken care of, they’re likely to tell others, which can lead to referrals and new business. Our agents are trained in handling various matters encountered in the real estate business.

With unlimited call scripting, agents can follow your direction in how to answer calls. They also talk to callers such that they’ll feel they’ve reached your company directly. Our receptionists are fully briefed, so you know they’ll represent your culture and brand every time.

4.   24/7 Access to Your Business

It’s important to always be accessible, but as a real estate agent or another professional, you’re always on the go. You might be working with another client. Or your workday is over or it’s time to recharge for the weekend. Nonetheless, a telephone answering service ensures every caller is greeted by a compassionate human voice.

People won’t just try to reach you from 9 to 5. Your prospects and clients are probably busy during the workday and may call after business hours. We work for you 24/7, setting appointments and communicating with potential new leads for you to manage when you’re back in the office.

5.   Reduced Operating Costs

A real estate answering service avoids needing overhead such as in-house call center space and the staff to run it. This makes it more affordable to run your business. Even when inbound call volume spikes, we’re here to help.

Call handling is therefore less of a financial burden and a drain on your energy. You never have to worry about a receptionist being sick, on vacation, or on a lunch break. At AnswerMTI, we have agents available 24/7 at a price that fits your budget.

Grow Your Business with Real Estate Answering Services

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Trained representatives always make a great first impression and help forge lasting personal relationships with clients. They’re fully trained in phone etiquette and how you want calls to be answered. A real estate telephone answering service can keep your real estate company afloat even when you’re not there.

There are bound to be times when two or more calls come in at once, but that’s not a problem as answering service companies are staffed by many agents ready to step in. Every caller is served in the most professional manner, which can lead to new leads, sales, and other opportunities.

Build Real Estate Relationships with AnswerMTI’s Real Estate Answering Service

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In addition to the benefits above, a live answering service for your real estate business handles appointment scheduling, call patching, and bilingual answering. Our agents can serve as virtual receptionists and essentially run your business when you’re not there. And whether you’re unable to work due to a personal emergency, or a flood or natural disaster keeps your doors from opening, calls will still be routed to our agents who will field callers’ questions or calmly explain the situation.

Our receptionists can screen calls. You won’t be bothered by solicitors and if there are any urgent inquiries, we’ll patch the call directly to you, send an alert on your pager, or leave a voicemail. Our services are priced to be budget friendly. We offer three plans plus a custom option, but there are no contracts or hidden fees; you only pay for the time and services you use.

AnswerMTI serves clients across the U.S., including the northeast, southeast, west, midwest, and southwest in all major cities. Request a free trial online. To learn more about our real estate answering service, call 844-798-1027.