Getting a Live Answering Service for Your Los Angeles Business

As a Los Angeles business, you are reaping all the benefits of a lucrative local economy, but could you be doing something more to give your customers great service? If you’re currently using an automated answering system to handle your calls, it’s time to consider a Los Angeles live answering service. Here’s why it’s such a great option.

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Live Answering Beats Automated Systems by a Mile

When a customer calls a business, the last thing they expect is for someone to pick up the phone and say “Hello.” That’s exactly the kind of pleasant surprise that can keep your business in their minds. With live answering service, there’s no need for any customer to ever have to wait in a queue and deal with endless menu options—because their call is handled right then and there.

Calls Are Handled by Skilled Professionals

The receptionists that answer customer calls have all received training to provide a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable Los Angeles answering service every time they pick up the phone. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have; simply let us know your industry, and we’ll make sure you get industry-specific receptionists who can offer real and immediate help to callers.

Beyond The Call

In addition to offering your customers the help they need, virtual receptionists can also do much more. For example, if you are a business that requires appointments to be made, your service can include appointment scheduling. Should a caller need to leave a message, your receptionist can record this information and can also prioritize calls received after hours for easy processing the next day.

Eliminates the Need to Hire Additional Staff

Doing business in Los Angeles is expensive, so saving money is always a goal. A virtual receptionist won’t require you to pay for training, wages, or vacation time; all you have to do is choose the level of service you need, and you pay a flat fee without any hidden surprises.

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Finding the Right Answering Service Company

There are many companies offering a live receptionist service in Los Angeles. This can make choosing the right one for your business a daunting task. However, there are certain characteristics that will make any answering company worth every penny you pay.

There is simply no substitute for experience, so this should be the first thing you look for. Next, check their levels of service; any good company should understand that your business will need different levels of service from time to time. Value is a definite sign of a great company. If they can offer you a professional virtual receptionist service with a simple payment structure at a flat rate, they are the company for you.

AnswerMTI can offer your business all of the above and much more. We possess 30 years of experience, and our professional, 100% U.S.-based receptionists have made us a nationwide leader. Find out how our incredibly affordable answering service LA can start working for your business today; call 844-798-1027.