Benefits of Using a Local Answering Service

Even as the economy changes and becomes more global in nature, local small businesses continue to hold a definitive advantage over large conglomerates. Local companies use local area codes for their phone services and, while that might seem like a minor detail, communities tend to support businesses in their area before massive corporations. Even corporations that utilize local answering services can seem more personal, giving them an edge over their competition.

Lighten the Load on Your Workforce

Benefits of Using a Local Answering Service

Some businesses can offer reliable customer support without employees dedicated to answering phones. Others need a portion of their workforce committed to phone service. The more time your workers spend answering phones, the less time they spend on the most important drivers of productivity within your business.

Utilizing a local phone answering service will lighten the load on your employees by letting them solely focus on their core tasks. Let a professional answering service take care of your clients’ needs so you and your workforce can worry about the most important things.

Have a Familiar Face

Customers are more likely to do business with companies in their local area. Some potential clients may not bother doing business with anyone based outside of their community. Owning local area codes for the regions you provide service for will open the door for those who want to support local businesses. It’s easy to set up new numbers that link to your company with a local or regional answering service.

Improve Your Coverage

The modern world’s migration from landlines to cellphones has the nation more connected than ever. Most American neighborhoods have cell phone coverage, but not all of them have reliable service. Some providers offer spotty service areas with inconsistent service at best, and large gaps with no coverage at worst. These service maps force some neighborhoods to rely on landlines for their communication needs.

Finally, not all cell service providers offer free long-distance calling, which increases the value of using local area codes.

Manually opening up local landlines where your business operates is expensive when your company isn’t physically based out of that area and, in some cases, it isn’t possible at all. Setting up a local phone answering service for your business is a cheap and reliable way to expand your network, reaching potential sales and relationships that might otherwise be unavailable.

Flexible Service Hours

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Scheduling your workforce is complicated enough without factoring in issues like time off, holidays, hours of operation, and sick days. Admittedly, hiring an answering service won’t change these factors, but it will make it easier to handle support requests when business is busy or your staff is unavailable.

An answering service takes care of your clients’ needs whenever you hire them to work—holidays, weekends, overnight, during the day—the sky is truly the limit. Don’t sweat the small stuff; just tell your local answering service your new schedule, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Expanding your company’s outreach and support capabilities is the best way to drive up your sales volume, but it’s important to take this step without sacrificing human resources. A local phone answering service will make your company more accessible to the areas in which you provide service. If you’re curious, Answer MTI wants to talk. Call us today and let us help you take care of your local answering service needs.