Benefits of Spanish Answering Services for Medical Businesses


The Spanish-speaking community is growing rapidly in the United States, which is good news for medical businesses. However, if you aren’t able to understand your Spanish-speaking callers, important information that can affect your ability to provide quality treatment is being lost. A bilingual medical answering service can help you communicate with Spanish-speaking callers.

Spanish Answering Customer Service Agent

How Live Answering Services Differ from Automated Systems

Many busy offices rely on automated systems to process patient calls, and these systems do offer callers the option to have menu items communicated in Spanish. However, they’ll still have to endure unhelpful bots that force them to leave a voicemail, or they may get tired of waiting and hang up. Either way, an automated system can often result in an unhappy caller.

Real People

A bilingual live answering service has real people answering the phone all the time. A Spanish-speaking caller will be instantly greeted by a fluent and friendly representative instead of a cold and impersonal recording. This, alone, will make all of the difference.

Available at All Times

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night they call; your live receptionists offer 24-hr answering service, even during the holidays. This means your Spanish-speaking callers can talk to a real person whenever they need to get in touch, which can mean everything in an emergency situation.

More than Call Answering

Your bilingual medical answering service can do much more than simply greet your callers. A receptionist can provide information about your practice, such as the hours of operation. They can screen callers or direct them to their medical professional of choice. Your service can even schedule appointments for callers.

In addition to the above, the service can prioritize every call it receives after business hours. This allows you to save a lot of time, which can then be spent providing personal service to patients in your office.

Medical Spanish Answering for Medical Office

Trained Professionals

The receptionists of a bilingual medical answering service have been professionally trained to handle every situation. When a Spanish-speaking patient calls with a problem, your representative uses this training to empathize with them and help them find the solution or information they’re looking for.

Money Savings

Hiring in-house employees requires you to pay for more than their salary; you must also train them, as well as cover them for sick days and other absences. Plus, they aren’t even available around the clock. With 24-hour bilingual live answering services, there’s no need to take on this cost. They are paid and trained by their own company—all you have to do is decide which level of service you prefer.


More Patients

Because of the compassionate services your bilingual receptionist provides, your Spanish-speaking callers will feel they’re important to you. The highly positive experience they have when they call will inspire them to share with other friends and family, which can lead to more patients.


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