Advantages of an Answering Service for Insurance Companies

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Ringing phones are a common occurrence at insurance agencies. Policyholders may have questions about their coverage, need help filing a claim, or want to update or change their policy. Consumers shopping for low rates may call several insurance companies before deciding on the right one. You can therefore see how an insurance answering service is so important.

What Are the Benefits of an Insurance Answering Service?

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A telephone answering service frees up time for agency staff to handle other tasks. This can increase productivity and allow insurance agents to deal with customer issues more thoroughly, which ultimately improves satisfaction. When customers are happy with the service they’re receiving, your company’s revenue can increase, while your reputability can improve as well. Here are some specific ways that a 24/7 live answering service can help your organization:

It Shows You’re Compassionate About Your Clients’ Needs

The insurance policy a customer buys protects something important. It might be material possessions or their home, health, or life. The more responsive your telephone service is, the more clients tend to feel that your company values them. Otherwise, customers and prospects may become skeptical of whether you can protect what’s most important to them.

A quality insurance answering service reassures customers that you care. This requires being there in times of need, which can be overnight or on a holiday. Most people hang up when greeted by an automated message. If a client has just been in an accident, it’s crucial they know they can reach someone who is caring and responsive.

Lead Capture Can Be Improved

We all know lead generation can be an investment. It’s not uncommon for leads to call after business hours, which means many fall through the cracks. Leads may also call when agents are on the phone with customers. It’s widely known that prospective customers prefer shorter wait times and speaking with a friendly live receptionist.

At AnswerMTI, our agents are trained and use unlimited call scripting. This means they’re familiar with your industry and the needs of your company and customers. They answer calls in the manner you prefer and can be provided with the questions you want them to ask. These inquiries can capture the interest of leads and obtain information you need from callers.

Live Telephone Answering Provides Pandemic Relief

The insurance industry has been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many insurance companies are being overwhelmed by claims and receiving more general inquiries. More employees may be out sick, so it can be harder to answer every call. Overall, lots of companies are allowing employees to work from home, who can only handle so many inquiries at a time.

With an insurance answering service, your agency is always ready to handle spikes in call volume. COVID-19 may still be keeping people out of work at times. That doesn’t have to impact your bottom line. We’re here to pick up the slack, so calls are forwarded, and your team receives important messages when they return to the office or check in.

An Answering Service Is Essential to Disaster Recovery

If you have staffing issues related to the pandemic, or a spike in pandemic-related calls, an insurance answering service is highly beneficial. It can also serve your business equally well in a disaster scenario. A storm, fire, earthquake, or another natural disaster can impact your office, keep agents from getting to work, and affect policyholders who may need to reach you quickly.

An insurance agency answering service should therefore be part of your disaster readiness plan. After all, the insurance industry is one that people rely on in good times and bad. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; are bilingual; and are located in the United States. This ensures maximum availability and the highest quality of service possible.

Why You Need an Insurance Answering Service from AnswerMTI

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AnswerMTI is ready to provide your agency with the competitive edge it needs. Our live answering services include appointment scheduling, taking inbound calls, call patching, emergency answering, and virtual receptionist services. Committed to providing a seamless customer service experience, our agents handle frequently asked questions to free up your staff, while providing a friendly voice and helpful hand. Customers won’t even know they’re speaking to a remote agent.

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To get started, enroll in a free trial or select a standard or custom plan with the receptionist time you need. Learn more about AnswerMTI’s insurance answering service by calling 844-798-1027 today.