6 Ways Government Answering Services Save You Time and Money

Today, more than ever before, government agencies are expected to do more with less. With certain objectives necessary and the threat of budget restraints looming, interruptions from ringing telephones can make it difficult to meet these goals. Because there are numerous ways government answering services save you both time and money, they can be an invaluable resource.

Government answering services

  1. Effective Call Screening

How many times do callers interrupt your staff with long explanations about their reasons for calling only for it to become apparent that they’ve reached the wrong department or even the wrong agency? With an answering service for the U.S. government, your staff can concentrate on their specific duties while allowing the answering service personnel to handle routine calls.

  1. Accurate Call Routing

Of course, your staff isn’t the only aspect of your agency that you need to be concerned about. Because government agencies often serve the public, ensuring that you have a streamlined system for directing calls is necessary to reduce frustration. Accurate call routing also ensures that your agency is able to field more critical calls sooner while routine matters get funneled to the right channels.

  1. Customizable Options

While there are many similarities between government agencies, there are also crucial differences that set them apart from one another. The ability to customize the information you provide to the government answering service helps your agency give callers the experience they expect. When callers have the right information the first time they call, it reduces the likelihood of repeat calls.

  1. Appointment Setting Within Your Parameters

Fielding calls for appointments can take a great deal of time, but it most often doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of your agency. This makes appointment setting the ideal task to outsource to an answering service for government agencies. You set the parameters for your appointments within your agency, and your government answering service takes care of the rest.

  1. Reduce Your Staff Without Reducing Your Services

Your team of workers makes up your biggest asset, but they are also your largest expense. Training your staff, constantly keeping them updated on the latest information, and paying out for benefits can be big budget line items. Using a government answering service means you can reduce your staff while still providing the necessary services. Because this type of answering service works remotely, there’s no need to allocate an office space or set aside funds for training.

  1. Slash Upkeep Costs

Save money answer service

The constant costs of updating your phone system and other technical equipment can strain already-limited government budgets. Worse yet is when your agency has to rely on outdated equipment that makes it difficult for your staff to perform their jobs. Using a government answering service means the cost and responsibility of staying current falls to that company, not your agency.

Outsourcing vital (yet routine) tasks, such as answering your agency’s telephone calls, frees up your staff so they can do their jobs uninterrupted. This helps increase your productivity while reducing costs. Let AnswerMTI help you achieve better productivity with our answering service for U.S. government agencies.