6 Tips to Skyrocket Your Small Business Sales in 2020

Every business would love to grow sales. After all, making sales is the whole point of being in business in the first place—without sales, you’d quickly be closing the doors. For small business owners, it can be difficult to grow as your standard monthly or annual revenue might not allow for much of a marketing budget. With that said, you don’t have to throw up your hands and accept the status quo. In this post, we have highlighted six handy tips—including using answering services for small businesses—that may help you grow sales in the year ahead.

Remove Barriers

As a business owner, one of your main goals should be to remove as many barriers as possible that may be stopping your potential customers from making purchases. For example, if you only accept certain types of payments, you may be missing out on sales to those who’d rather pay a different way. Or, if your business hours are restrictive, there may be more market to serve during other parts of the day or week. Make doing business with your company as easy as possible so you don’t lose out on sales to the competition.

A Customer-First Approach

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Have you ever heard the saying that the “customer is always right”? Well, that really isn’t the case, but you should be focused on offering your target market the best possible service. When someone walks in the door, are they greeted in a friendly manner each time? Even this simple step can make a huge difference in how your business is viewed.

Use an Answering Service

Small business owners are often forced to cut corners here and there in order to save on the bottom line. That makes sense, but if you are closing early or opening late you might be missing calls that could have turned into sales. Solve this issue by using answering services. With a professional business answering service on your side, you’ll be capturing more leads than ever before.

Time for a New Image?

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If you have been in business for some time, your target market might have grown accustomed to seeing your branding on the storefront—and it might just blend into the surroundings as a result. Don’t be invisible. Consider rebranding your business to get new attention and bring in customers that were previously walking right by.

Value Criticism

Some business owners take critical comments a little too personally. It might not be fun to hear something negative about the business you have built, but those comments can help you make great strides if you take them to heart and make it a point to improve.

Embrace the Digital World

It’s easy for family-owned small businesses to be stuck in the old-school ways of finding and serving customers. Some of those methods are still useful, of course, but embracing the digital world and using things like social media and e-commerce could elevate your business to new levels.

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